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Why Are We Here?

January 15, 2021


With the world changing as it has in the past year, how do we know what our purpose is now? With so many of our concepts of reality shifting, how do we navigate these changes and understand the purpose for why we are here at this time?


There are no accidents. You are here at this time because you wanted to be here at this time. Your presence on this earth at this time has great meaning and purpose on its own, even without you having to essentially “do” anything. Your presence is creative. You are an expression of the Divine Mind. You are here to explore that aspect of yourself and to learn about the nature of human nature. This all seems abstract, yes, but it can be practically implemented too.

You are here to express who you truly are. And who you truly are in the deeper sense of it has absolutely nothing to do with your job, your possessions, or even your relationships. All of these external things are simply reflections of who you are in one way or another, but they do not define you in and of themselves. If anything, you give them meaning in your own life. Yes, they can be very important indeed, but it is how you perceive these things in relation to your own true identity that affects how these things will show up for you in your life. You are connected to all of life at its core and all of creation at its core. As such, you are getting to contribute to that creation simply by virtue of being who you truly are.

Everything you do, everyone with which you engage, anything you create, purchase, and enjoy, these are all expressions of your point in consciousness. They are reflections of your inner consciousness and the point of expression that this consciousness is willing and ready to display. But consciousness does not always mean the full expression of your soul. Consciousness can also mean the complexity of your entire makeup, including the shadows you have yet to uncover.

But what are shadows? These are nothing to fear. They are simply representations of your misconceptions about yourself. They are there to be uncovered and revealed so that you can come into your full power. And your purpose right now is to allow yourself to uncover these shadows so that you no longer block yourself from expressing the totality of your true self.

How do you navigate uncertain times? You choose authenticity at every turn. You choose to be creative. You choose to find the joy in everything you have and everything you do. And you choose to realize that you are, indeed, choosing in every moment. Choice is your friend. It empowers you. It frees you. It inspires you. And it enlightens you. But you can choose the shadow too. That is also your choice. You can choose fear, doubt, insecurity, lack, anger, resentment, judgment, and the like.

The main thing to take away is that you get to choose it all. And by your choices you will create your present and your future moments to come. It might seem scary at first, as you might be afraid that you are choosing “wrong.” But there is never a truly wrong answer. That’s because, no matter what you choose, you will be forming an experience from which you can always learn. And your soul is on an eternal journey of learning and remembering itself. So just choose, one way or another, just choose.

When you feel uncertain, the natural tendency is to procrastinate, to sit on the fence, to “wait” for something or someone to “save” you or tell you what to do. The problem with this is that it leaves you disempowered. It creates a victim mentality within you that relies on something external to you to “save the day.” But if you are choosing to be a creator of your own destiny, then you need to let go of the need for external guidance, direction, or validation and realize that your reality is not creating you but, rather, you are creating your reality.

So what is your purpose? Only you can answer that question for yourself. But know that whatever it is, it always has to do with your authenticity. It’s not the façade that you show others in order to gain likes or approvals. It’s not the actions you take in order to cover up your insecurities. No. It’s simply whatever brings your heart joy.

And so, the best way to navigate these times, or any times really, is to always choose what feels most joyous to you in each moment. That is your purpose. And whether that purpose turns into a new career or a new cause or a new hobby or simply even a new way of seeing the world, if your choices always come of authenticity, then you can be assured that your choices will always be the “right” ones for you.

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