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Who Or What Is God?

If we really pay attention to the world around us, it’s really hard to assume that what we see is just a random pairing of happenstance circumstances that haphazardly came together to create what we call our physical universe. When we look at the intricacies of nature and all of creation, the complex intelligence of the human mind and body, the instincts and intuition of the natural world to know exactly what to do and when to do it, and even the Goldilocks position in which the earth finds itself within our solar system, it’s hard not to also wonder about the intellect and order that is directing and guiding it all. When we look at the genius behind natural structures, the organizing power within nature itself, the cooperation and interconnectedness we find within the ecosystem, and all of the perfect geometrical patterns (that repeat themselves over and over all around the world), it is hard not to see a bigger picture starting to take focus.

So who or what is behind this infinite intelligence that guides all of life here on earth and beyond? Each religion will have you believe that it is one figure over another. But most religions will concur that there is one grand deity that is at the cause of everything and everyone that has ever existed (no matter what they call it), and this gives me comfort because that means that regardless of their differences, people of different faiths can at least agree on this one thing.

But what about those pragmatic realists out there, those who believe in a totally random universe? What can “God” mean to them? Is science God? Is nature God? In truth, it doesn’t really matter what we call it. Some will call it Source Energy, some will call it God, some will call it The Creator, and some won’t call it anything at all. So, then, does the name or the label actually matter?

To me God is energy and, beyond that, God is the energy behind all of life and all of existence. As a kid, although I was never really all that religious, I grew up thinking of this energy specifically labelled as “God” (even though I always had a feeling that it was way bigger than that). But as I have evolved over the years, I have realized more and more that God is not religion (because religion, while it has its purpose, is essentially a human-made construct that aims to make sense of and define something that is truly undefinable). Yes, religion can certainly play an important role in our society and in people’s lives but, for me, the energy behind the meaning of God spans all religions, all people, all cultures, all lifetimes, and even the entire universe itself.

We do not need to be religious to believe in the concept of God. In fact, each of us is like God in that we have extraordinary power to create our own reality. We are God because everything is God. The animals and plants we see, the food we eat, the car we drive, the people we know, the house we live in, the lake we swim in, everything is God. That’s because God is energy, and since everything else is energy too, therefore, everything must also be God, including you and me. (And, by the way, if you doubt that everything is energy, look up quantum physics and you will quickly realize that everything that is matter is actually energy in motion, and not much more.)

So the next time you wonder if God truly exists, I challenge you to prove that it doesn’t. And then I challenge you further to think of God beyond its title or name and, instead, think more outside the box, outside the constructs of the human mind, and into the realm of the infinite and timeless. Then, once you do, you will see the world from a new perspective and realize that the energy that creates all worlds is the same energy that not only created you, but is also within you to implement in any way that you choose. Now, how cool is that?




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