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When in Doubt, Surrender.

Now, what the heck does that mean?

The human ego likes and needs to be in control, and so when the human mind doesn’t know what to do, or it is confused about the future and what decision are best to make, the mind starts to worry. However, when the mind is in this worry state, it can block the very clarity of intuition that is most needed.

Wanting to know everything in advance may give us the perception of peace of mind and comfort (in that we believe that we can prepare for and control all outcomes). But when the future is uncertain or unclear because certain circumstances in the outside world appear to be out of our control, even though the natural response of the human ego is to panic, we must understand that it is in this state of desperation and panic that the hastiest of decisions are often made.

Another factor that comes into play is impatience. You see, when we are impatient, we tend to grab on to the closest thing to security that we can find. But this does not necessarily mean that we are actually grabbing on to real security. Remember, it is often our perception of security that we are grasping for and, thus, may not actually be the true security that we seek. Therefore, making any decisions out of impatience, fear, doubt, uncertainty, or haste may lead us down the path of most resistance, not the least.

So, what do we do when things in the world seem unclear and we want to protect ourselves, our loved-ones, and everything that we hold near and dear? We simply surrender.

Now, at this point it is very important to distinguish between “surrendering” and “giving up,” because the two couldn’t be any more different. Giving up means giving in to the whims of the world around you. It means believing that you do not have the power to affect change in your own life or to manifest your desired reality. It means allowing outside forces to convince you of your weakness, and then accepting their authority over simply means conceding defeat.

Surrendering, on the other hand, means having trust that all is, and always will be, well, no matter what. It means having faith in a higher order to always bring you everything that you desire and need at the perfect time and in the perfect ways. It means letting go of your need to know everything in advance, and being more present so that you can hear your intuition and guidance speaking to you when you need it. You see, when you are in a more relaxed and confident state, that is when you will hear your calling the most. Being distracted by fear, and the factors that appear beyond your control, hinders that ability to hear your highest thoughts. But knowing that you can navigate any circumstance successfully, and that you can rise above anything unwanted by creating your own desirable reality, that is the true definition of empowerment.

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