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What Is Real Power?

In modern-day society we are often taught and conditioned to believe that power predominately comes from money, authority, fame, and influence. As such, for those who believe like they may not have much of these things, it is easy to feel powerless, especially when the world feels like it’s spiraling out of control. But what if power has another source altogether? What if the conventional definition of power that we’ve all been taught to believe in is actually the weakest kind of power there is?

What many discount when it comes to having any degree of power is the power that each of generates within ourselves that cannot be quantified with the usual methods that we typically use. This power runs so deep that sometimes we don’t even realize that it’s there but, in reality, it is what moves us to our core and motivates us to do everything that we do in this world. Unfortunately, many of us underestimate our own power and, therefore, give it away unwittingly to those who we think have more power, control, or influence than we do. But just because someone else appears to be calling all the shots that doesn’t automatically mean that we don’t actually get a say.

When we look around us and compare ourselves to what and who we think is more powerful than we are, it is easy to feel defeated, confused, and powerless. But we need to look deeper because, when we do, we will clearly see that the only true power that matters is the power that each of us has over our own thoughts and perceptions. And so, at the end of the day, no matter what anyone says, does, or tries to impose on any of us, we always, always, always, have sovereignty over our own mind. And our mind is actually the most powerful tool that we already have.

By choosing our personal beliefs and acknowledging our inner freedom to think and decide for ourselves, we are, in essence, empowering ourselves to create the reality of our choosing. Now, that may not necessarily mean changing the world around us (although that can certainly happen too), but it does mean that we can align ourselves with our most optimal experience in each given moment.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, there are energies that exist that are beyond the realm of our usual human perceptions. But just because we don’t always see these energies, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Even quantum physics will say that the entire universe is made up of one infinite energy field. And that it is within this energy field that we all get to create what we want to see and experience the most in our lives. So, in reality, no matter how much outward power or influence others might appear to have over us or over our choices and decisions, the real truth is that all of us have equal access and equal ability to tap into that energy field in order to create the results that we desire to manifest the most.

What that means in the bigger picture is that no one is really any more or any less powerful than anyone else because, in the energetic realm, we are all equal. And as soon as we get over the illusion that someone else has more power than we do, that is when we will no longer feel powerless but, instead, empowered to create our own reality as we choose. We might feel too small, too insignificant, or too unimportant to wield that kind of influence over our own circumstances but, in truth, each of us has all the power we could ever need to create the life that we want to live.

I know that this concept might seem difficult for some to grasp, because the physical and material world is so predominant in our focus. But if you step back from everything for just a moment and notice yourself as the observer of your own reality, you will also catch a glimpse into the power of your own consciousness. And it is in that place of consciousness that you will realize how truly powerful and in control you really are.

Always remember that there are no bounds to creativity, and that means that there are no bounds to possibilities either. So, no matter how powerless, ignored, or insignificant you might feel in any given moment, know that you have access to this infinite creative energy at all times, and that it is this creative energy that will always, always, always, provide you with all of the ideas and solutions that you will ever need to create the life that you want to live….no matter what anyone says or does to make you think otherwise.

Know that your true power comes from the depths of your soul and that no one can ever truly take that power away from you, no matter how hard they might try. So then, try to see beyond only what you see with your eyes. Try to feel beyond what appears to you as uncertainty and loss of control. And try to notice beyond what seems obvious. For that is where your true power always lies without limits.

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