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The Process of Ascension

June 8, 2021

Q: Why does humanity need to go through this process in order to ascend as a whole? Couldn’t it be accomplished in an easier and lighter way in general?

A: The way and speed of ascension is not based on punishment or even karma. It is based on the level of resistance. When there is great light and the frequency of the earth, consciousness, and the human body is increasing, if there is resistance to the change, if a person is holding on to something that no longer resonates with the earth’s vibration, and if a person is not willing to ascend, this causes a sort of tension and a displacement of energies that need to be expressed and released. These energies appear as chaos when really they are a form of cleansing out of what no longer serves.

When the light hits the dark, the dark gets exposed. The dark doesn’t like exposure so it tries to resist, even though the resistance is futile. Those who want to believe that the dark is light are also holding on to resistance. So you ask, why does it have to be this way? It doesn’t. This too is a choice being made by the collective. That is why we say to the lightworkers and all those who are awakened, do not overly concern yourselves with what others are doing because each soul has their own journey, free will, and choices to make. The collective energy determines the speed and general direction of the timelines for humanity as a whole. But it does not determine the speed and timeline on an individual level. It’s all a matter of momentum, which means that the more souls that are awakened and aligning with the higher frequencies, the faster these positive changes permeate the collective consciousness.

But it does not even take a majority because light energy is so potent. A critical mass does not need to be a majority of the population. And this is why we encourage awakened souls not to give up and not to give in to the darkness, because your light is what is carrying humanity forward. Your light is what is adding to and contributing to the awakening of more and more souls on the planet, without your effort in the 3D world. Your “efforts” do not need to be of the obvious action-oriented kind. Simply holding space, being the light, sharing your joy, and doing what you love, these are powerful tools for helping humanity through this. Living your best life and exemplifying the truth of your infinite, limitless, loving, and joyous self is what gets humanity through this. So, do not dim your light. But do not try so hard to convince either. Be an objective observer as much as you can and do not allow the external chaos to shake you. You are still the creator of your own destiny; that hasn’t changed. It’s just that by creating your glorious destiny, and empowering yourself with the magic of the universe and your affiliation with it, you are helping others to see clearly too. The collective consciousness is affected telepathically more than just through words and actions. So know that through your joyous and uplifting energy, you are contributing. Timelines keep shifting for the ultimate better, so keep the faith.

Try not to judge anything just at its face value and recognize instead that there is a bigger picture unfolding. Everyone is choosing, whether they realize it or not. And you must allow for those free will choices because that is part of the human experience; the soul’s human experience. It is understandable that as enlightened souls you want to help, you came to help, but there are many more ways to help than the obvious or trying to control the free will of others. It is ironic, if you notice, that fighting against being controlled is hypocritical when you yourselves are trying to control. It doesn’t matter which way you slice it, control is control, and if you do not wish to be controlled, if you wish to have the freedom to exercise your free will, then you must also respect the free will of others without judgment (even if they judge you). Be the example rather than lowering your vibration with an equivalent response to others’ judgments. It is not always easy, especially when you have deeper insights into the bigger picture of what is true and actually happening. But the more non-judgment and acceptance and tolerance and compassion and detachment and love you can practice towards others, the more of the same you will receive in return.

People are making their choices, and because of the cause and effect principle, they are also creating consequences for those choices. Again, not as “punishment,” but simply as energy matching with like energy. If someone makes a choice out of fear versus love, the consequences of that choice will be more aligned with fear than love, even if they think with their ego mind that they have chosen wisely. This is just how energy works. Actions alone do not determine outcomes; emotions and vibrational offerings do. That is why the act of giving, for example, can have varying degrees of outcomes. If someone gives from the heart it will have a very different outcome than if someone gives begrudgingly or out of fear, or guilt, or low self-worth. It is the motivation that backs the action that determines the outcome of that action.

So, please, do not look at the chaos and ask why is this happening “to” people, many of whom, by the way, do not seem to “deserve” their struggle. Instead, understand that it simply has to do with their level of resistance, their refusal to look within or understand from a deeper and higher place, and their denial of their true origins and capabilities as souls incarnate into human form. They may even be playing out their intended purpose without realizing it. They are creating their own reality just like each and every other human soul is doing on the planet.

The universe does not punish; it just responds. God does not judge; God just obliges. When you stop looking at the world through a victim consciousness, this truth of creation and power and empowerment becomes the only truth. But that is truly wonderful to know because that is when you feel the most in control; because you know that you are in the driver’s seat and the universe is always clearing your path.

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