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The Miracle Question

By Guest Blogger: Merav Richter

Imagine that tonight, as you sleep, a miracle occurs in your life that has completely solved a problem…

How is life going to be different now?

Will you feel differently when you wake?

What’s the first thing you’ll notice as you wake up in the morning?

Who will you be in the morning?

What is the first thing you will do?

What will your day be filled with?

Describe it in detail.

Over the last few years, I’ve tried to remember to ask myself this question.

Sometimes, I ask a few nights in a row.

Sometimes, I forget to ask it for years - often too busy with life, work, child-raising, and all the other distractions that come with home life.

When I do return to it, often after an especially turbulent time in life, I’m always amazed by the accuracy of the answers this question provides.

Once, I went to sleep looking for an answer to a particularly troubling issue with my daughter. She was having trouble concentrating at school, and her teachers recommended I take her for a psychiatric assessment.

During the night, as my sleeping mind was resting, my subconscious mind was hard at work. In the night, my daughter came out of her bed and into mine (something her siblings had done many times, but she had rarely done). I woke up in the morning with her seven-year-old body snuggled into mine, my arms wrapped around her, while her hands clutched her baby blanket. I knew the answer to the problem I had given my subconscious mind the night before. Whatever the issue was, we would get through it together, with warmth and comfort.

Even when I face tough career choices in my life – I give my subconscious mind the problem and go to sleep letting the solution appear.

When I was facing a career transition; stepping away from my twenty- six-year corporate career to pursue more creative endeavours, I asked my subconscious mind to provide me with the miracle in the morning.

I knew I wanted to write, but I didn’t have any ideas of what to write about.

Every day, I would sit in front of my computer screen, staring at it, waiting for the brilliant words to flow out of me.

To my chagrin, no matter how many hours I spent in front of that blinking cursor, the inspiration never came.

I gave my subconscious mind the Miracle Question.

As I slept, I dreamt I received a postcard in the mail. The postcard was sent by a force of love so powerful, yet even in my dream state, I understood that was also me.

When I woke in the morning, I felt such a wave of love wash over me. I stayed in that state for a few extra minutes. I didn’t rush to my computer to try to capture the words as quickly as possible. Instead, I languidly enjoyed my coffee, knowing that the wave of words would be there whenever I called them.

And, in fact, when I did sit down to write, I was able to conjure up the feeling I had felt upon waking.

Between the world of waking thoughts and the world of sleeping solutions is like a highway of interconnected networks. Whatever you encounter in your waking mind is easy for your subconscious mind to claim.

Try it tonight, give your mind whatever problem you’re facing now, and see the solution materialize on the morning.

You may just experience a miracle.


Merav Richter is a best-selling author, Inspirational Speaker, Two-time TEDx Speaker (The Full Spectrum, Is the Search for Happiness Making Us Unhappy), Poet, Philosopher, Comedian, Performer, and Passion Advocate for giving “Voice to the Voiceless."

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