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The Meaning of Life & Learning to Detach

Life is a series of experiences. When we say to detach from outcomes, we do not mean to not care about anything. Rather, it is about understanding that the soul comes here to this physical dimensional plane in order to experience itself in the physical universe, but through a spiritual lens. It’s about understanding your expansive and limitless nature while navigating your experiences while on earth. It is tapping into the vast knowledge and wisdom and energy and pool of possibilities that are available to you, rather than buying into the illusions that the “real world” can present. It is about understanding your sovereignty and realizing that there is absolutely nothing that you cannot do or ‘achieve.’

When you realize that there is so much more to the world and life than what meets the eye, you start to detach from attaching too much meaning to your experiences and recognize them all as learning opportunities. But learning does not need to be a painful process. You can learn to accept the grace available to you. You can learn to appreciate yourself and the nature of who you are and where you come from. You can learn to enjoy yourself and be creative and manifest your heart’s desires.

Instead of taking everything at face value, ask yourself, “What am I learning from this experience? What does it have to teach or show me? What is the message? What is the opportunity?” Then nothing will truly disappoint you because you will know that everything is in perfect time and order and that your heart’s desires are not lost. You will realize that impatience and fear and doubt are all emotions and states of the ego’s limited perspective, and not based in actual truth.

When you see yourself as expansive and infinite as the universe and the energy that formed it, you no longer believe in limitations. You simply enjoy your life with complete trust and surrender in a beautiful journey and beautiful outcomes.

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