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Succeeding Beyond External Circumstances

What is it that can make different people within the same environment and under the same circumstances and conditions have measurably different results, where some are successful, while others tend to fail? Are some people just luckier than others? Or could it be something much deeper than that?

The fact is, no matter how it might seem on the outside, what we create in our lives is not solely dependent upon what’s going on outside of us. We think that the economy, the weather, other people, and so on, are the cause for our successes or failures when, really, it is our response to these things that truly creates our personal reality, and the experiences we have within that specific environment.

However, the longer we wait for external conditions to be “ideal,” the more we will be giving our true power away. That’s because our true power lies deep within our own consciousness; our power to create our life as we want it to be is within our own mind.

I know, I know, this all sounds really esoteric. I mean, even if we can agree to this in theory, how can it effectively be applied to everyday life? So many factors in our environment affect the choices we have available to us (or so we think), and sometimes those factors simply seem beyond our control. So how can the power of our mind mend and bend reality to our will?

Here’s the thing, our reality is based on our perceptions. And our perceptions create our experiences within that reality. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we will change the world around us, although that is possible through the energy of our personal influence. But it does mean that our perception of our circumstances (and the elements around us) can cause us to either block our success, or they can cause us to become inspired with new and innovative ideas on how we can make things work to our benefit. But I am not talking about manipulating, pushing, forcing, or taking advantage of others. Instead, we can use our connection to the infinite possibilities available to us all in order to create our personal best case scenarios. And this can be done through the power of our intentions, and through our alignment with our own free will.

Okay, so let’s get a bit more specific here. Say you need to find a job but the economy is in a recession and unemployment is at a record high. You could look around you and decide that your job search is hopeless because statistics, the media, your peers, and your family say so. Or, you can choose to focus on your ideal job, what you’d most like to do, and trust that an opportunity will appear once you have aligned enough with the belief and knowing that this opportunity is already out there and waiting for you to receive it. Yes, it will take some faith. Yes, it will sometimes take patience too, as well as an open mind (as sometimes opportunities can look different than how we originally imagined them to be). But your task is not to doubt. Your assignment is to simply focus on what you want, imagine how it would feel to have it, and then let it go with total faith and surrender that the right opportunity will come your way at the perfect time, and that you will know what to do with it when it does.

No one said this will always be easy, because external circumstances sometimes can appear completely hopeless and imposing. But regardless of what it looks like on the outside, the more you line up with what you want versus what you lack, the more confident you will be that what you desire (which is really just an extension of your own energy) is already making its way into your life. It might sometimes come down to the wire, but if you remain faithful, a way will inevitably show up (at which point you can take action on it). But the more you sit in doubt and fear and allow your external conditions to dictate your beliefs, actions, and even emotions, the harder it will feel to line up with what you actually desire to manifest. So while you might think that worrying or complaining about it will somehow change it, it won’t. The only thing that can truly change your circumstances is a change in how you perceive them. The only one that can truly change your circumstances is you.

So, in reality, that is your biggest challenge, i.e., to stay confident that what you are asking for and intending is actually already yours and on its way. If you can master that (along with feeling deserving of it), you’ve pretty much mastered the manifesting process.

So what are you waiting for? Go practice.

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