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Soul Secrets

January 12, 2021


How do we know for sure that the information our intuition is providing is, in fact, intuitive versus just self-leading thinking? Because sometimes we want so badly for something to be true that we make it true and, in the process, ignore what is actually coming through.


When you let go of the need to be right or the judgment of being wrong, then anything that comes to you can be trusted as your higher-self knowledge. But, when you have certain expectations or biases, you will need to try to let go of those first in order to truly hear what your soul is trying to tell you. The reason why your “soul secrets” can often appear so quiet and subtle is because of all of the other noise you are allowing into your space. The world around you is tangible; it is in your face 24/7. And so, it takes a great deal of discipline in order to be able to ignore that chaos in favor of listening to your higher-self instead. But it is not impossible, and the more you practice, the easier and more natural it becomes.

Before you ask your SELF any question, first ask yourself, what is the answer that you want to receive? Knowing this will help you also know if you are leading an answer with your thinking mind, or if you are truly listening for the answer your soul wants to give. When you are open to hearing anything, that is when you will be closer to your truth. Let it be okay. Let any answer be okay. And know that any soul answer will never feel “bad.” It will never speak to you in derogatory ways. If you hear those types of messages you can be certain it is your ego talking and not much else.

Most of all, remember that as much as it feels like you are asking an outside source for answers, what you are actually doing is tapping into a part of yourself that is connected to everything else. Knowledge and wisdom are not exclusive clubs. They are not reserved for only a select few. Knowledge and wisdom are not only your birthright, they are always within your spirit now and forever. Nothing is truly separate. And that means you are not separate from eternal and infinite knowledge either. So, when you are “asking” your questions, what you are really doing is allowing yourself to listen to what YOU already know. You are essentially cutting through the noise so that you can hear YOURSELF speak.

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