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When we hear the word “simplicity,” sometimes that can be interpreted as minimalism or not wanting or needing much. But, for me, simplicity has nothing to do with quantity (because you can have a lot of a good thing, and that can be a really good thing), nor does it have anything to do with plainness or lack of intricacy. Rather, for me, simplicity involves focusing only on what I love and enjoy, and allowing that to be my driving force in life.

For instance, a gourmet dish may be very complex in its construction, yet it can still be very simple because of the sheer pleasure it creates in my appreciation and consumption of it. A dress can have very ornate and intricate tailoring, yet still be simple in that it exemplifies the artistry and the attention to detail that I love.

As such, quality, to me, is an expression of simplicity simply because it comes from the heart. There is nothing complex about pure intention. There are no ulterior motives or agendas. There is no interwoven web of lies or half-truths to navigate. Honesty is simplicity. Integrity is simplicity. Artistry is simplicity. And anything made with honesty, integrity, and artistry is by default simple in its intention. When you put love and passion at the center of your motivation, no matter how complex the creation might be, the experience of that creation manifests as pure joy, and joy is very simple.

And so, when I think of simplicity, I do not think of minimizing anything or stripping away excess. Instead, I think of the enjoyment and inspiration that is brought into my life. I think of the part of myself that is expressed through my creations and through my surroundings and my experiences. And I think of the abundance that is exemplified within all of the universe, as well as the grace that the universe bestows upon me in the sharing of its abundant joy.

Joy is simple, even if it comes in a more intricate package. Consequently, simplicity is a feeling more than an outward expression. Thus, if a room filled with memorabilia brings you joy, that’s simplicity. If a well-appointed home makes you feel at ease, that’s simplicity. If a ten course tasting menu makes you feel invigorated, that’s simplicity. And if an Haute Couture tailored dress makes you feel enveloped by quality, artisanship, and beauty, that’s simplicity too.

And so, it doesn’t matter if it’s merely a cup of tea and a good book that makes you feel at ease, or it’s a trip around the world exploring the world’s most luxurious spas, either way, simplicity is about how you feel about your experiences, rather than just the act or thing itself.

Simplicity is creativity, inspiration, joy, fulfillment, love, peace, abundance, and all of the feelings and expressions that represent who you really are. Simplicity is the motivation; the package is simply the catalyst.

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