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Power Dream

I had a dream last night that left me feeling so powerful, in control, and highly empowered that I felt I just had to share.

In this dream I felt like I was a tall giant, think “Jack and the Bean Stock.” All around me I saw all of these little figures that represented all of the characters who have been trying to oppress humanity for all time, including those most recent. As I towered over these little figures I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of how loud they were screaming their orders at me thinking it would somehow scare me into submission. I laughed at how tiny they were in comparison to myself. I laughed because it was funny that they actually thought their words and “orders” had any effect over me. I laughed at the gall of these little figures strutting themselves around like such hot stuff, when really they were barely even a nuisance.

So, now you try. Imagine yourself as a tall giant and all of the public health puppets, the dishonest media, the propaganda government, all those virtue signaling, and anyone who has ever tried to control you, as tiny tiny figures, with pipsqueaky voices that are so faint that you can barely make sense of them. Feel your power. Feel how no one has any power over you. Feel how you TOWER over them with your sovereignty and ultimate freedom. Observe how small these people truly are, and how these want-to-be oppressors have absolutely no power or authority over you or your choices. Laugh at the scene of it all, like a comical scenario where you are simply shewing them away as they raise their tiny little fists trying to intimidate you, yet to no avail.

You see, when we envision those in positions of authority as bigger than life, we end up feeling really small and powerless. But when we reverse the roles, all of the sudden we realize our true power and who is really in charge of us, i.e., ourselves.

So, carry this vision, energy, and feeling of your powerful self with you everywhere you go and those around you will feel your power too. Your power and freedom will emanate from you and create the reality of your choosing. People who do not want the best for you will simply move out of your way without even realizing why they feel compelled to do so. They won’t be able to help it because they will feel your power and they will be intimidated to even try to control your actions. Radiate your immense power with love and you will truly be unstoppable. The seas will part and you will get your way. Where there is a will (and belief) there is always a joyous way.

This visualization is, in a way, similar to visualizing people naked in the audience before you make a speech. What it does is it releases any feelings you might have of intimidation and it allows you to realize that people are all just people, no matter their titles, their opinions, their stature, or their intentions. No one ever has the right or ability to stifle your freedom if you don’t allow them to. Know that you are powerful. Know that you are free. Act accordingly, and the world will show you this truth everywhere you go.

Remember, the Wizard of Oz seemed larger than life, until you pulled back the curtain.

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