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Now Is Your Time

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Change has come. And, as much as we may be tempted, longing for the “good old days” will not ultimately bring anything back. Reminiscing, on the other hand, can help us feel into the essence of what we want to experience once again, but only if we do not stay deeply tied to or stuck in the past. That’s because dwelling in the past for too long will only make change and transition all the more difficult to navigate.

But change does not need to be a bad thing. Instead, it is the way that we perceive change that will create the types of experiences that we will ultimately have. Granted, the changes that have occurred in the past year or so have been quite drastic and abrupt, but perhaps this was designed this way for a reason. Perhaps it was designed this way in order to shine light on what was not working. Maybe it was designed to inspire people to make the changes that they have been putting off, sometimes even for years. Consequently, complacency just won’t cut it anymore.

Evolution is always inevitable. However, that does not mean that we have no say in the way that we will evolve. In fact, the way towards our evolution is open and, as such, can be directly guided by each and every one of us. And the tone of our future, both personally and collectively, will be determined by the choices and actions that we are making right now. So, then, ask yourself this: What are you putting out into the universe right now that will return back to you at a later time? And is that something that you want to cultivate more or less of as you move forward in your life?

The times we are in right now are calling for adaptation. But there is nothing to fear because each of us is already quite capable of adapting to change. We know this is true because we have already done it throughout our lifetimes, time and time again. Therefore, we shouldn't be afraid of change in and of itself; we should embrace change as a natural part of life.

However, adapting to change doesn't have to mean taking on others' definitions of what change should look like in our own lives. Yes, it is true, there are certain changes that can affect the whole of society, like the development of the internet, for instance. But how we choose to implement those changes to best serve ourselves in our day-to-day lives, well, that is totally up to each of us individually. And so, instead of fearing change, we need to realize that we are not just reactors to the change. We are, in fact, creators of that change and, thus, each of us has the power within us right now to create the types of changes that we truly want to see.

Your time is now. Your time is always now. That’s because everything you truly experience, whether it’s a past memory, a present reality, or a future projection, is always and only happening in the now. Several years ago I wrote my first book, “You Are Here,” and in it I pointed out that our point of power is always in the now because, in truth, that is the only moment we are ever in, and anything that we want to create, we are in the process of creating right now.

Consequently, waiting is no longer an option. Waiting for “someday” is no longer the most sensible thing to do. Because, guess what? Today is someday; someday has arrived. But the question is, what are you going to do now that it is here?

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