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May Inner Peace Be With You

Peace. Sometimes it can feel elusive. But peace need not be something that you wait to attain. Peace is not something that others can provide for you either. Peace is something that is already yours if you choose to accept it. Close your eyes and look within. Envision yourself embraced by the light of loving energy. Feel that all is well. Know that you cannot make wise decisions from a position of fear. Fear is only a distraction. It blocks you from the truth, it shields you from your wisdom, and it causes disharmony in your life. Peace is the answer.

So how do you get to that state of peace? Well, a good place to start is to accept people for who they are without expecting or demanding for them to be like you or to agree with you. Realize that your fate is in your own hands, and that others (or outer circumstances) do not need to change in order for you to feel at peace. Once you realize this, you will no longer look elsewhere for your peace and security. Instead, you will be able to find it right within yourself. And once everyone feels secure within themselves, there will be no more turmoil or division, for the discord in the world is really caused by internal unrest. Life is like a mirror, holding up our beliefs and showing us what we are expressing outward in one way or another. It is showing us the inner depths of our soul, both what we want to see, but also what we might want to ignore.

The “us” vs “them” mentality is a distraction. There is no “us” or “them,” there is only “all.” The “us” and “them” is an illusion propelled by the need to be right, which is the need of the ego. Respect all, but know that respecting all does not mean allowing them to control you. For respecting all includes respecting yourself too.

Watch events unfold like you are watching a movie. When you watch a movie from the comfort of your couch, with a nice snack, and loved ones by your side, you realize that the movie is not real. It is a hologram. It is an illusion. You might get into the movie and feel certain emotions, but there is a part of you that knows that it is not real, that you are safe. So you give yourself permission to feel what you feel without being sucked into that reality. You know that you are watching the movie from the safety and security of your own home, and that you can pause or change the channel altogether whenever you choose. You are in control. Feel that way now.

Be a peaceful observer, watching the movie unfold around you while choosing which channel you want to tune into. Watch and feel safe and secure as you do this. Perceive from a place of enlightenment. Look at things from a higher perspective. If you were watching this from space, what would it look like from there, and how would you feel watching it from above? You are not in it, nor are you of it. You are observing it from a higher plane. Yes, you are participating. But in doing so you need not lose your sense of peace and wonder. Trust that all paths are leading to good things. The world and humanity will be better off for it. Watch as it unfolds, for the higher consciousness energies are getting stronger and stronger and you will be seeing more and more revelations and positive shifts happening for the better. Watch in awe and wonder, and don’t forget to notice all of the beauty that already exists all around you, because that hasn’t gone anywhere.

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