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Life, Take 2

With so many changes occurring over the past year, and still going, I believe this message that came to me the other day can help with finding perspective:

In a way, treat this life as two. Just like your past lives have had their own unique trajectory, this life is that way too, only you are given the opportunity to treat this life, in a way, like two lives, with one way of life having served its purpose, and a second way of life newly forming. This does not mean starting completely from scratch, but that is never really the case anyway as all knowledge is cumulative. And that does not necessarily mean forgetting about or releasing all previous relationships or desires or ways of living your life. Instead, see it more like a new way of doing things, bringing with you all the elements that bring you joy and serve a purpose, and then creating new ways of doing and being too.

Instead of seeing this change as scary or uncomfortable, treat it like a game or like a new adventure. “What can I create today?” is the way to think about it, rather than holding on to outdated paradigms that may have worked before, but now need an upgrade.

The energies are different in that they are moving into more and more higher awareness states. That means that some old ways of being simply are not in alignment with where the energy is heading. But that’s okay because you are more than capable of adapting, you all are. It’s just a matter of letting go of your preconceived ways of being and allowing yourselves to flow like water and be open to new opportunities and possibilities. Do not see these changes as a bad thing. The more you embrace the new, the easier you will transition into this new phase of your lives.

Trust your heart to lead you to where you want to go and what you want to do. This “take two” in a sense is an opportunity to be even more heart-centered. What that means is not just following your heart, but also believing in yourself and trusting in your intuition more. It also means being certain of your ultimate success and not fearing that following your heart might lead you astray. It’s about having full confidence in wonderful processes and outcomes. And it is also about being unapologetically yourself.

When the world wants you to feel small, insignificant, or powerless, know that the opposite is actually true. How you view yourself is what is most important, for if you believe that you are small, unimportant, or powerless, this is what you will embody, not because it is true, but because you decide that it is. So don’t decide that this is true. Decide, instead, that you are grand, significant, magnificent, and powerful beyond measure.

Instead of focusing on what you think you have lost (such as some older ways of being and doing), focus on being more creative and noticing what you are gaining. How can you make the most of each moment? What gifts are available to you right now? Consequently, when you focus on lack you will not notice the abundance and infinite possibilities that are all around you. There is always a way to thrive when you believe there is and you are open to seeing it.

Focusing on any types of limitations is what causes limitations, or the illusion of such. Focusing on endless abundance, possibilities, and joy is what brings and manifests the same.

This is a new adventure, not a loss. This era is a new opportunity to come into your full power, not a regression. Show appreciation by honoring Phase 1 (let’s call it) of your life, meaning, all the time from your birth into this world up until now. Remember it in all of its glory, but do not yearn for it to come back. Enjoy the memories for how they make you feel. Take with you the feelings of peace, freedom, joy, empowerment, fun, carefreeness, and the like. Focus on those feelings first and foremost because they are never gone and they can always be recreated in a multitude of infinite ways. For it is the energy that matters most.

But do not get stuck in the past. See yourself starting Phase 2 of this lifetime, with new and exciting goals and dreams. You can carry over any of your previous desires and dreams and joys that serve you. But be open to new ways of doing things too. Phase 2 does not mean forgetting about Phase 1. Instead, it is like a new series of the same story. You know how some books come out with sequels? Phase 2 is your sequel. Phase 1 was well-rounded in its own way. Phase 2 takes you on even more adventures, shows you more opportunities, and develops your abilities even further.

What makes Phase 2 different from just a continuation of Phase 1 of life? The energy is different. The energy is ripe for an advancement and upgrade. The world is shifting in a way that it has never really done before. Humanity is evolving at a speed that is unprecedented. This is why a continuation of Phase 1, while possible, is somewhat limited. But moving on to the sequel called, “Phase 2” means that while still in this life, and while still surrounded with the familiar, you are embarking on a new adventure with an elevated energy filled with even more power of creation than ever before. And this adventure is going to be great and joyous. Do not allow the fear of change to convince you that change is bad. Do not fear world changes that aim to harm. The energy of humanity and the earth is headed on a trajectory of magic, not oppression. This is simply a matter and process of transformation, and transformation is not always a smooth ride. But it can be smooth if you choose the smooth path of least resistance.

Do not resist the changes; not because you agree with the manipulation that is occurring, but because you know that this manipulation is temporary. Because you know that you are empowered no matter what is happening in the outside world. Because you know that you are a creator of your own destiny regardless of what anyone else says or does. And because you know that a new and bright and adventurous future awaits you as soon as you allow yourself to surrender into it, trusting that it is all good and joyous for you and all concerned.

Do not aim to control the world around you. Instead, focus on your innate power and on being empowered. Use this time, not to resist change, but to clarify your desires, to exercise your creativity, to connect with Source Energy, and to affect positive change through being an example of joy and peace for others. For the energies of joy and peace always override fear and hate. And the more that you can embody the truth of your spirit, which is complete joy, the more you will be helping humanity shift as well. Speak your truth. Be your truth. Embody your truth.

Every day (or as often as you feel called) ask yourself the following:

“What can I do today to elevate my own energy as well as my energetic output?”

“What can I create today?”

“What glorious opportunities await me today?”

“What can I do today to express the fullness of my authentic spirit?”

Do not think in terms of what you think you are losing. Instead, think in terms of what you already have, and what you have to gain. Creating something gives you that feeling of abundance. It makes you feel like you are gaining something new. It makes you focus on what you CAN do versus what you perceive that you can’t or are not “allowed” to.

Anything that you want to do, find a way to express the essence of that in your life. For example, you want to travel, focus on the essence of travel. Create travel-like experiences. Be creative. You want to shop, when you go out, shop meaningfully and savor the experience. From home, find quaint shopping experiences online. You want to dine out. Create versions of that at home for the time being. Your imagination is a powerful tool as it can actually conjure the experiences you envision if you want them to manifest. But you have to start somewhere.

There is the matrix that you call your physical world. But there is also so much possibility outside of that matrix that can allow you to play within the matrix without being of the matrix or enveloped by it. Use those powerful tools now.

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