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Life Lessons Through Awareness

I was looking out the window this morning after a night of pretty significant snowfall. The sun was shining and the trees were covered with fluffy snow. Then I noticed something. I noticed how some clumps of denser snow would fall off of the trees and plummet to the ground quite quickly under their own weight. But then there were softer, lighter snowflakes that were gently being guided and carried to exactly where they needed to be. And this got me thinking about how this can apply to life.

You see, when we are carrying around denser energies like fear, anger, frustration, resentment, and so on, we tend to attract or create experiences around us that feel quite heavy. However, when we feel lighter, happier, and more carefree, life has a way of gently flowing us to where we need to be.

Looking around us with awareness, there are so many examples that we can notice and use in order to create happier and more productive lives. I was just looking out the window on a sunny winter’s day, but because of my willingness to be aware of my surroundings, I immediately saw the lesson that can be applied to living a joyous life.

So, what can you notice around you today that will show you something valuable about yourself, your life, and how you can create the experiences you truly wish to have? Because if you look for the guidance, you will find it pretty much everywhere. Magic happens when you are willing to read between the lines.

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