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Letting Go of Our Need to Know

More often than not, for most of us anyway, when we don’t have an answer to a question that weighs heavily on our mind, or we don’t quite know what to do to get to a specific goal, our natural instinct is to think harder. As such, brainstorming is quite the popular go-to method that we use in order to try to figure out what to do next. The problem with this, however, is that when we try too hard to come up with an answer, we end up pushing that answer farther away.

Here’s the thing, logic dictates that in order to solve a problem we must work harder to figure out the solution. But what if we actually have it all backwards? What if in order to find our desired solution, all we really need to do is to let go of our need to know?

I believe that we are all physical and energetic in nature. I also believe that, while there is a place for logic and analysis in our lives, we must also make some space for something a bit more mysterious in nature; something less tangible and less confined to box. Meaning, while the rational and analytical mind is very important, we cannot completely dismiss the higher energies that exist and are at work, both within us and all around us at all times.

Manifestation, attraction, achievement, and all that jazz, are not just about taking action or “doing” something. Instead, they are also about “being.” You see, in our haste to know everything, sometimes we tend to rush the learning process, thereby making ourselves feel needy for an answer. But it is in that exact desperation or attachment to a specific outcome that we end up delaying the solution that we are so wanting to attain.

Consequently, sometimes the best thing to “do” is to actually do nothing at all. Sometimes the best action to take is to simply just be in the moment and not require ourselves to take any specific action at all. Meaning, there are times when we can be inspired to “do,” but there are also times when we simply need to just “be.”

The problem, however, is that doing nothing gets a pretty bad rap. That’s because it often gets associated with apathy and laziness, as well as a lack of motivation. But the act of “doing nothing” in and of itself is not what causes laziness. Rather, it is the intention behind our doing (or not doing) that creates the results we ultimately receive.

For instance, you might choose to do nothing because you have given up hope. Or, you might to choose to do nothing in order to give yourself a rest from your over-thinking. You might choose to do nothing out of laziness and entitlement. Or, you might choose to do nothing as a gesture of letting go and allowing your intuition to guide you when the time is right.

You see, if we are doing nothing with the intention of it bringing us to clarity, then we are not actually “doing nothing,” are we? We might initially think that doing nothing is passive. But the truth is, it can actually feel a lot harder to just be in the moment without clearly knowing an answer, than it is to occupy our time, energy, and mind by doing whatever. Doing “something” doesn’t automatically mean that what we're doing is productive; it could just be a distraction.

So here’s a thought: The next time that you feel like you are unsure of what to do next or how to achieve your goal or a specific result, decide to just let go and to choose to do nothing about it. In that moment, simply choose to let your lack of knowing be perfectly okay. Don’t freak out. Don’t be impatient. Just breathe and allow yourself to simply be in the state of wonder for a while. Take your mind off of your worries by choosing to engage in another activity altogether. Take a walk. Draw a picture. Cook a meal. Browse a magazine. Read a book. Chat with friends. Or simply relax and meditate on the gratitude you feel for everything that you have to appreciate in your life right now.

By doing this what you will be indicating to yourself, and to the issue at large, is that you are perfectly okay just as you are. You are indicating that in your choosing to allow yourself to gently flow through life, you are demonstrating a confidence in the energy that lies within and all around you to guide you to where you need to be. You are demonstrating a willingness to accept yourself as you are, and your life as it is, realizing that whatever you desire to manifest desires you right back and is simply waiting for you to let go of the resistance that you have been causing through your feelings of impatience, desperation, or lack.

You see, when you are no longer in the state of worry, you can then step into the relaxed state of knowing that all is truly well, and that all of the solutions you will ever need are, and always will be, available to you exactly when you need them, that is, as long as you do not hold them back or push them away with your doubts.

The key to manifesting anything that you truly desire is to feel yourself into the state of being whatever that is. And when you are creating this state of being, there is no place for “wanting” or yearning or desperate attachment because that, in and of itself, tells your subconscious that you don’t actually have access to what you desire right now.

However, when you are in a relaxed state, realizing that everything you could ever need and desire is already yours and awaiting your reception of it, then you are free to allow that very manifestation into your life. And you don’t have to work hard or struggle to get it. When you relax your need to know, then everything that you need to know comes flowing to you as naturally as a fish swimming in water.

I think the fear that many of us have is that if we do nothing to rectify a situation or to manifest a desired goal, then nothing will happen. However, if we take action out of fear, that is when we will be leading ourselves astray and making our success that much harder to come by. But success needn’t come through stress or struggle.

We might also fear that if we choose to do nothing that we will fall into a perpetual state of “waiting.” But this does not have to be the case. Instead, all we need to do is to set for ourselves some sort of boundary. For example, we can choose to not think about “doing” for a day, for a few days, maybe even for a week, or so. That way we will not feel guilty for not doing what we think we “should” be doing because we are actually fulfilling our plan. And in that specified timeframe, we can commit to just being that which we desire, rather than trying to make it happen or trying to figure out how we are going to make it happen. And the best way to do that is to focus on what we desire rather than how it will occur. In that chosen timeframe, we can just choose to let our mind wander to pleasant thoughts, choose to allow ourselves to imagine and feel what being, doing, and having that which we desire feels like, and just choose to occupy our mind and time with whatever feels good to our soul in each moment, with no guilt, no shame, and no regret. Sometimes, in the context of overcoming anxiety, I call this taking a “worry vacation.” But it works equally as well for manifesting anything we desire, i.e., in letting go of our worry or our need to know, we end up making room for our answer to ingeniously appear.

Of course, sometimes, we might feel like the answer we seek is quite pressing time-wise, and that we need an answer or solution sooner rather than later. But even in those crunch times it is way more productive to let go and allow our energy to pull us forward, than it is to sit and worry about how things can possible work out as we struggle to push a solution into existence. In any case, “being,” even if it is simply for a matter of a few moments in the day, can help clear our mind and our energy in order to bring us the solutions and manifestations that we ultimately seek. No strife or stress required.

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