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Knowing Your Power

January 22, 2021

This is a short integrated message but I think a potent one.

The moment that you realize that things are happening FOR you rather than TO you, that is the moment that you will start to shift your perspective and become the creator of your own experience. Your reality does not create you; you create your reality. But when you solely believe that you are a victim of circumstance, you instantaneously give away your power to the external forces that will want to control you.

It may not always look like it on the surface of things, but you have a lot more power and control over your life’s circumstances than you might realize in this moment. And the truth of that will reveal itself to you as soon as you start believing in it with all of your heart. Ask yourself this: Where and how can you create your reality right now? What can you do right now that is within your power and control that will help uplift you and make you feel better? Then, choose to take that action in any way that you have available to you in this moment. And continue to do this over and over again until you finally realize how empowered you truly are.

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