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Knowing What Is Real

We are moving through a period in time in which we seem to have more questions than answers. For the first time, we are all united in a collective goal. But there are many perspectives circulating about what is going on, which is bringing division, once again, between people and their viewpoints.

But here's the thing, there will likely always be differences of opinion. But what we need to realize is that all of us, every single one of us, has the same ultimate goal. And that goal is simply to be happy. The conflict, however, arises when we have differing views on what we think it will take for us to get to that goal. Yet, what we need to acknowledge is that everyone will get to that goal in their own way. And so, the way you get there may not be the way I get there, and that's okay.

When we have more questions than answers what happens is that our fight or flight response kicks in and stays on high. When we are faced with uncertainty (and for a prolonged period of time) we cannot help but be in a state of fear and panic about what the future holds. However, the way out of that fear is to realize that we have more power than we think.

While on the surface it seems like governments control policies and industries control popular culture and habits, in truth, each of us has the power over our personal thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions. What that means is, each of us has the free will to choose the type of energy with which we want to align. We can choose to get lost in the rabbit hole of fear, anger, confusion, and worry. Or we can choose to elevate our consciousness and focus on love, acceptance, and joy in any way that we can.

Look around you right now. Be honest, what do you have right now that you can appreciate? Think about all the ways you can express love and joy right now. And then think about the type of future you want to have. Let go of the questions for a moment and let go of the fear. Be present with where you are and visualize how you want things to be.

But the question remains: How do we cope with all of the confusion that is going on around us? Well, to start, we need to rise above our fear of the unknown and uncertainty and become more curious rather than afraid. Fear does us no good. It weakens our immune system and potentially creates self-fulfilling prophecies that we do not want. As hard as it may seem right now, the best way forward, and out of this mess, is to maintain some semblance of inner peace. The more we can become objective observers to all of this, while also vowing to work on the inconsistencies within our own lives, the more we will be able to feel centered and in control of what matters most. In a way, we can view ourselves as living in a virtual reality, where things seem very real, but the solution resides on a different level. However, the more we get lost in only what we see, the harder it will be to realize what else is out there. So let's start thinking outside the box as we focus on what we can control rather than what we can't.

Finally, whether you believe in a higher power or not, faith is definitely something you will need in order to get through this right now. So whether it is faith in God, faith in what you call Source Energy, or simply faith in yourself and your personal resilience, having faith that all will work out well is what will create the peace of mind you are likely craving. Stay strong. Stay well. But also stay open, because the more you stay aware and in touch with your own feelings, the more truth you will ultimately encounter.

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