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Jumping Timelines

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January 23, 2021


If parallel realities exist and every possibility also exists within those parallel timelines, how do we “jump” into the timeline or reality of our choosing?


The first thing to realize is that you are not leaving the here and now. Those parallel realities are not somewhere else. You do not need to “go” anywhere to find them. The point of parallel realities is that they simultaneously exist in every present moment.

“Jumping” into the reality of your choosing might also not be the most accurate way to portray the process, because jumping into something implies that there is something outside of yourself into which you need to jump.

You see, every experience is a reflection of your inner “climate,” if you will. And parallel realities are no different. Parallel realities are simply different perceptions that you have of yourself, and then of the world around you, that reflect those perceptions onto the canvas that is your present reality/timeline/experience.

So, instead of thinking of yourself as jumping into another reality that is somewhere “out there,” think of it as embodying a version of yourself and your life that already exists right here and right now. Simply flip the switch and decide to perceive yourself from a different perspective and, lo and behold, you will have shifted your reality and your subsequent timeline to the one that you desire.

When you decide to be a different version of yourself, you become that version and your external circumstances start to reflect that version too. You have not “gone” anywhere; you are still in the here and now as yourself. You have not “jumped” into anything either. You have simply taken on the characteristics of the version of YOU that embodies the reality of your choosing.

So, to answer your question, you don’t necessarily “jump” into different timelines. Rather, you change your timeline by realizing that you are already there; you have already arrived. And your outer environment will have no choice but to reflect that timeline, or parallel reality, back to you more and more as you continue to cultivate the version of yourself and your life that you desire most.

The thing that holds most people back is the fear of trying. You believe that it is impossible and so you create impossible conditions to prove yourself correct. But if you embrace that any reality that you could ever desire already exists as a spark within you right now, and you trust that as you embrace this spark and fan its flames that it will flourish and manifest itself into your present experience, then nothing will seem or be impossible for you. Believe you can. Believe that you already are the version of who you want to be. Live that reality from the core of your being. And it will be so. You will have “jumped” into the reality of your choosing simply by accepting that reality as your true and present state.

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