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Is it cheating to get psychic insight into making your best decisions?

What is psychic phenomenon anyway? Well, everyone has some level of intuition, and intuition is simply our connection to the infinite source of wisdom and information available to us all. Some have honed their intuition more than others, but usually those with stronger intuition are those who trust in their own inner wisdom, connection, and oneness with their ultimate truth the most. So while psychic phenomenon is yet to become a mainstream or widely accepted practice (although the military includes remote viewing in their repertoire, and the police uses psychic investigators to aid them in their work), it is still something that all of us have used ourselves, whether we realize it or not (think “gut instincts”).

So, is it cheating to tap into that wellspring of information? No, not at all. If we can use our gifts, or make use of the gifts others have to share, in order to make our best choices and decisions, it’s simply using what the universe has given us as a tool to help us navigate better through life. The information is out there; it’s simply a matter of being willing to accept it and receive it.

Think of it this way, if we are given an aptitude for art or dancing or music, is it cheating to make use of those natural abilities because they came to us so naturally? Is it cheating to commission the talents of an artist or hire a band for an event? If one is gifted with a beautiful singing voice, is it cheating to employ that natural ability to one’s own benefit, and the benefit of others? Why do we think that only hard work and struggle merit reward?

If you believe in the power of intuition, whether it’s yours or another’s, then there is nothing wrong with tapping into that for personal benefit and guidance. You still have free will. There are still options available and probabilities up for grabs. So getting a little extra insight into making a good outcome decision is like using your natural singing voice to propel your success. Why not use what God has made available to you?

As long as you are not trying to manipulate others to succumb to your will, you can certainly make your intentions known and then leave it up to the universe to guide you and deliver your desires in the best of ways for all concerned. You can send good thoughts to others to help elevate their vibration. You can communicate (intuitively) with those involved in deals you want to close. But as long as you are doing it with detachment and good intentions, there is nothing wrong with that sort of practice. You can write a letter (without necessarily sending it) to someone telling them what you want and how you feel, knowing that this is simply one way to put your intentions out there. And you can ask someone else within the intuitive field to help you garner more information to help you make better choices. To be clear, none of this is done in order to force someone’s hand or to make anyone do anything against their will; it is simply one way of expressing your desires and finding a way to best manifest them that will work to the benefit of all concerned. As long as you are detached from the outcome and allow others to decide for themselves (trusting that, “this, or something even better” will manifest), there is no harm in expressing yourself in this way, or in getting a little extra help along the way.

Furthermore, when you ask for and receive someone else’s intuitive insights, as long as you are not attaching every hope and dream to their “predictions,” and as long as you are open to both interpretation and other options, there is nothing wrong with getting some extra insights into your situation, or extra tips to help you navigate along your way. The most important part is to always trust your personal intuition, first and foremost. Now, sometimes this might seem hard to do, because most of us tend to be quite subjective when it comes to what is best for ourselves, but this is why it is sometimes good to get an outside and neutral perspective, i.e., to help us perceive things in a different way.

At the end of the day, however, each of us knows what is ultimately best and true for ourselves, and that is why we always have to trust in our own inner wisdom and intuition above all else.

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