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How to Awaken the World

When it comes to current world events, by this point it seems that people are generally positioning themselves in one of two camps. There are those who are deeply entrenched in fear, adamantly believing everything that they are being told, and following blindly without question, and then there are others who believe that there is way more to the story than is being presented and, as such, are digging deeper in order to find the whole truth. Sure, there are some who still fall somewhere in the middle, but it seems like every day the world is getting more and more polarized, with many people essentially choosing their "side."

Now, for those who are certain that there is more to the story than meets the eye, there seems to be a tendency to want to “wake” other people up from their dream spell. Now, while noble a goal that may seem, we need to realize that everyone still has a choice. And even if we do not agree with that choice, we must still respect their freedom to make it anyway. We also need to realize that what other people choose to do need not have any real impact on what we can manifest into our own lives. So, although it may seem as though we need others to get on board with our point of view, in reality, we can actually create anything that our heart desires regardless of anyone else’s choices or decisions.

It is natural to want to inform people of other perspectives that exist, especially when you feel like it will benefit them in some important way. What’s not so practical, however, is trying to “convince” them to believe. You see, we cannot force anyone to believe something they do not want to believe or are not ready to acknowledge, or even just look at. We also need to realize that we too are learning as we go. And so, if we want to inform and share the information that we currently have, even if our intention is to protect others from suffering, we must do so from a more detached perspective. This way we will not impose our views onto others, thereby allowing them the freedom to decide for themselves. And, we will not be attached to needing them to believe us, which will free us up from unneeded resistance to what we want to create for ourselves.

Furthermore, we need to acknowledge that whether we are buying into the fear of what might happen if we don’t succeed, or we are fighting against something that we do not want to occur, we are unintentionally feeding our energy into the same problem that we, in fact, want to eradicate or prevent. As such, we need to find a way that can we fight for our cause without actually having to “fight.”

In order to do this, we need to realize that our energetic contribution is much more important than just our actions alone. Meaning, the more that we energize our actions with the right intentions, like sharing information, showing compassion, tolerating our differences, inspiring free thinking, and manifesting peace, joy, and freedom into the world, the more powerful and meaningful those actions will become. And by becoming more centered within ourselves, we will no longer take action out of anger, frustration, impatience, or fear, which will ultimately help us to detach from the outcome of our actions. The point to remember most is that when our own reserves are filled up, only then can we approach change from a calm, centered, and peaceful place. But in order to fill up our own reserves, we must remember that these calming energies need to be generated within us first, for we cannot share what we do not have. And that means making self-care a true priority in our lives.

Next, we need to have faith in good outcomes no matter what it may look like on the outside. Meaning, we need to realize that things aren’t always as they seem. As such, we need to release our fear of failure and, instead, trust that all is truly well and working out for the best. In reality, the only time we ever truly buy into fear is when we do not have enough faith. So, how do we muster up enough faith when it appears as though the sky is falling? Well, we simply tie ourselves to the bigger picture and try to understand that there is meaning and purpose behind everything in this world, including what appears as chaos. Moreover, we need to recognize that everything and everyone is an expression of a bigger energy at work, and that everything has its own reasoning as well, even if we don’t currently understand it.

Finally, we need to start focusing more on ourselves. I know this might sound selfish to those of us who are of the giving kind, but focusing on ourselves is actually the most sharing thing that we can do. What I mean is, by acknowledging our own right to be happy, and by choosing to manifest our own joyous experiences into our lives, we not only inspire others to do the same, we also perpetuate our own reserves of energy that we will require in order to do what we need to do for others. Like I mentioned earlier, self-care is essential if we truly want to make a real difference in this world. Martyrdom is no longer in vogue; your suffering would only add to the world’s problems. Think about it for a moment, when you are in a bad mood, are you really capable of cheering others up? When you feel defeated, are you capable of inspiring those around you? When you are panicked, are you actually able to calm others down? Consequently, if we want to be of true service to others, we must first be in service to ourselves. And none of this is about ego; that’s not the type of service that we are discussing here today. Instead, we are talking about being in service to the soul, and honoring our personal needs and desires so that we can then also inspire joy in everything and everyone around us.

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