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From Jealousy to Inspiration

What many people don’t realize is that jealousy is a truly counter-productive emotion that has more impact on you than it does on the other. And so, if you see something that someone else has, and that makes you feel envious of that person, realize that this jealous feeling just symbolizes your own belief in and focus on lack. Meaning, in feeling jealous of something or someone else you are automatically declaring to yourself that you do not and, perhaps even, cannot have that which you want.

The thing about the belief in lack, though, is that it actually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; for what you focus on the most and with the most passion, in one way or another, becomes your experiential reality. So, how else can you approach the feeling of jealousy so that it does not ultimately come back to bite you in the ass? You simply change your perspective.

If you understand the way that energy works, you will also understand that whatever comes into your frame of reference is simply a mirror image of your own beliefs and your own alignment with energy and thought. What you are mirroring is actually quite neutral until YOU assign meaning to it. And so, you could see something someone else has and really get jealous and mad about it. Or, you could perceive yourself as getting closer to having your own version of that experience because you understand that by seeing it in your own realm of focus, you are seeing a mirroring of your own alignment to that very thing that you desire to create. Your awareness of it tells you that you are aligned with it in some sort of way. And the emotion that you have behind it indicates the tone or type of experience that you will ultimately create for yourself. Meaning, the version or interpretation, i.e., type of manifestation that you will have, will be in direct proportion to your choice of perspective in relation to that which you want to create.

What you see around you, whether it is something that you like or it is something that you dislike, is open to your interpretation. And so, it is not what you see around you that makes the biggest impact in what you experience but, rather, how you choose to interpret what you see around you. For instance, you could see something and not have an emotional response to it and, therefore, not be aligned with it and, thus, not manifest it. You could see something to which you do have an emotional response, but choose to interpret it in either a negative or positive way. And, if you see something that you want to experience, you could become jealous of it, or you could use it to fuel your inspiration and drive to create it. But, if you do choose to acknowledge your alignment with it (instead of your lack of it), you will start to see a snowball effect of more and more inspirations and ideas for creating and manifesting your own version of your desired outcomes and experiences.

We live in an infinitely abundant universe where, in truth, “YES” is always the answer to whatever we desire to manifest. The illusion of lack or limitation comes from the ego mind, which is backed up by most of society telling us the same. But this is not our true reality. Our true reality is one where anything we truly desire from our heart is not only possible, it is also inevitable and within our purpose to manifest. That’s because we are never inspired by accident. Anything that inspires us from our core is exactly what we are destined to be, do, and have. And seeing what we desire in our surroundings, even if it is through other people’s experiences of it, is simply a sign and symbol for us to keep going because what we desire for ourselves is most certainly on its way. In fact, it already exists in essence right where we already are, if we would only be willing to see it.

So, the next time your question leans towards, "Why can't I have that/do that?" Instead, switch that question to, "How can I have that/do that?" What this does is it takes you from a defeatist victim consciousness and moves you into one of creative empowerment and an openness to receive.

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