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Divine Plans, Purpose, and Destiny

Whenever we look out into the world, and even at our own lives, we need to recognize that there is a micro picture and there is a macro picture to everything that we see. The ego, for instance, looks at the micro picture, and the polarity within existence, and makes judgments on what it thinks is right or wrong. The soul, on the other hand, looks at things from a much broader full picture perspective.

Consequently, the macro picture takes EVERYTHING into consideration. It takes into account each soul’s purpose within its own manifested reality, but it also looks at a soul's purpose within the collective goal. For this reason, we cannot accurately judge why people do what they do, think how they think, or choose what they choose. We don’t know what they signed up for in their incarnation. We don’t know what their bigger picture purpose is either. Even those whom we judge as bad or evil, they too are playing out their role in the cause and effect relationship.

As such, if we really think about it, the great awakening that is occurring on this planet right now might not have happened were it not for the events of the past year and a half. If those who wish to oppress did not show their true colors, it is uncertain if this level of awakening would have happened at all. The awakening was pre-ordained; it is within the divine plan. The timelines, perhaps, are up to interpretation and enlightened manipulation, but the outcome is ultimately the same.

In this divine plan, each soul is playing out their own part. Some are here to usher in the great awakening of humanity. Some are here to resist it and play their role through other means. Some are ready to embrace the higher frequencies, while some are not yet spiritually mature enough or ready to see the full picture and embrace their true power. But each soul is playing out their role in the bigger picture nonetheless.

This does not mean that those who are awakened need to keep quiet, because it is still pertinent for them to speak their truth. But that truth is intended for those who want to hear it, not those who wish to resist. Speaking truth is a surrendering experience because there is no attachment to who listens. It is simply a declaration, and then the release of that declaration into the universe, whereby it will resonate with whomever is aligned to receive it. It is intended to awaken those who are meant to awaken, not convince those who are not.

Most of all, we must remind ourselves that energy is “king.” Meaning, if each awakened soul puts energy at the forefront of their focus, they will realize that energetic resonance and frequency is most potent when it backs all actions. As such, the act of self-love, self-care, and living one’s best life is just as important as speaking one’s truth, because together through thoughts and feelings and actions one can create a glorious example of what it truly means to live empowered and free. Subsequently, this will show others an example of how they too can choose to live their best lives, regardless of outer conditions or perceived limitations. Being the master of your own destiny is the best example you could give to others. Being fulfilled is truly sharing.

But the most important thing to realize is that one’s own destiny and experience does not need another’s permission in order to be fulfilled. It is not prudent to feel like a victim or to believe that others have more power, more authority, or more control over your personal freedom. Instead, it is important to step into your sovereignty and be self-empowered by knowing that your true power does not lie in the hands of, or at the mercy of, anyone else. No one can have power over you if you acknowledge your own power. It is simply an illusion that some people try to create in order to trick others into thinking that they are not in control of their own personal destiny. But this is a lie. Energetically, no one can have any power over you if you do not give your power to them. Think bigger, deeper, and higher. See everything from a higher perspective, from an energetic level. And realize that all those “actors” playing out their roles are not really as powerful as they think, or as they want you to believe. They are simply good at manipulating perceptions, but only with those who allow their perceptions to be manipulated.

The truth is, we all ultimately come from the same place. As such, we are all equal in our access to infinite Source Energy. The universe does not favor one person over another; it simply responds to alignment and confidence. So, then, know your power, stand firm in your truth, and the universe will respond in kind.

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