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Destiny, Purpose, and Free Will

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

February 12, 2021


How much of what we manifest is based on our purpose and destiny versus our free will? For example, if someone wins the lottery jackpot, is it because they were destined to win or is it because they were most aligned with that manifestation, whether wittingly or not? Lots of people want to win the lottery. So, if purpose is what inspires our authentic desires, does that mean everyone who authentically wants to win is destined to win the lottery jackpot? They don’t all win. So what explains that?


You incarnate into your life with specific things that you want to accomplish. You incarnate into a specific family, at a specific place on earth, and with a specific sketch for what your soul chooses to experience while you are here. There are specific souls that you are meant to interact with along your path as well. And there are specific things that you need to learn or remember in order to advance your purpose here on earth. How you go about learning is up to you.

Now, if you are to become a great inventor of something that advances society, or you are to become a famous painter that inspires others, or you are to become a great leader, philanthropist, mogul, etc., all of these things are part of the greater plan or purpose for you; it’s your blueprint. As such, opportunities will align for you to help you accomplish these goals. However, you still have the free will to choose to go for it or not. You can have potential within you to accomplish the purpose or destiny that you set forth to enact, but you also have the choice of whether or not you are going to manifest that potential or leave it in its dormant state.

The authentic desires that you have are indeed a clue or guide to what you are destined to experience in your life. But the thing to keep in mind is that there are multiple and infinite ways that you can achieve those desires. You give the example of multiple people wanting to win the lottery jackpot. However, the thing to keep in mind is that there is an underlying desire, an essence, that is the true desire, and the lottery win is simply one way to achieve that; a catalyst, if you will.

So, while many may want to win the lottery, what they actually want is financial freedom. But because they are so focused on that one way to achieve that goal, they often miss other opportunities, perhaps more subtle and less immediate, that will bring them that financial freedom as well, but without needing to actually win the lottery. Winning the lottery is but one way to achieve financial freedom, and even then, in order to maintain that financial freedom, it depends on one’s attitude and alignment in order to make sure that they are continuously aligned with that financial freedom as an essence.

Often the focus is on the wrong thing, and by “wrong” we mean too limiting. Open up your horizons and be willing to engage your purpose and manifest your destiny, and the opportunities you require to “achieve” that will naturally and joyously flow to you. And as those opportunities flow, take it one step at a time without needing to figure out all of the steps ahead of time or wonder too intensely where it will all lead. Trust in the bigger picture, trust in the guidance, and just be open to the experience and to the learning process. Let go of any attachment to the outcome and treat your actions like a game. Pretend like you are just playing a fun and light game and that you are just going through the motions with excited anticipation of where it will all lead, all the while being aligned with the feeling and vision of the essence of where you would like to be and what you would like to manifest. And do this all with presence and appreciation. Be light about it and release the pressure. Do not make the stakes so high in your mind that you create desperation and resistance within your vibration.

If you truly desire something from your heart, and you truly feel it is authentic to your soul, then feel confident in the knowing that it IS destined for you, it is part of your purpose to manifest, and that the more you allow yourself to receive the guidance and take the inspired action, that truth will become more and more apparent to you.

It is limited thinking and fear of taking action that causes the most restriction and stagnation. But because many do not realize that they themselves are limiting themselves, they blame it on destiny or they believe that they are not capable of manifesting what they desire.

But it is limiting belief that makes that so, not destiny. If you can imagine it and it feels right and good and authentic to you, then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot manifest it. Think about it, so many people have different desires. Why is that? Yes, you can say people are inspired by their environment. But then you must also ask, why are they where they are in the first place to even be inspired by those specific circumstances?

Destiny and free will go hand-in-hand, like dance partners. Destiny inspires you from the depths of your soul. Free will gives you the choice to act on it or not. But destiny does not desire hardship for you. It simply inspires learning, inspiration, and possibility. You get to decide what you make of it and how you go about it.

Think of destiny like an architect that draws a sketch, and you as the builder who gets to pick out the finishings. The architect draws up the idea or concept, with your soul’s input, of course, and you as a physical being get to decide where the house will go, what will go inside, how you will decorate it, etc. You can even modify the sketch as you go, working with your higher-self to adjust the sketch as needed.

Destiny can only take you so far. Meaning, with free will also comes the freedom to create. Anything is possible. Timelines can change based on changes you make in your choices. Nothing is set in stone. The era of karma is coming to an end. What that means is that there are no longer karmic shackles that exist to keep people limited in clearing out their shadows. It can be as easy as simply choosing to let these shadows go and start fresh. It is no longer about learning lessons. Instead, it is about being more creative and free to create anything. It is about cooperating consciously with the universe and the Divine Matrix in order to realize your potential as easily and joyously that YOU allow. It is not about asking permission. It is about being a leader in your own life.

Yes. It is possible to create and manifest anything that your heart desires. That is your destiny, i.e., to be a more powerful creator or, rather, to remember that you already are.

So what lights a fire within your soul? What inspires you? What excites you? What drives you? These answers will show you your purpose and destiny. What you desire for yourself is your destiny and purpose. They are not at odds with each other. They are one in the same. But if you feel limited it is only because of your belief in limitation or that somehow you do not deserve to have what you want or that it is not within your destiny to achieve. But do not limit yourself in this way. The truth will set you free.

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