• Dora Nudelman

Creating Our Own Reality

January 11, 2021


How do we pierce through the chaos and create the reality of our choosing regardless of what outer circumstances seem to dictate?


What you see on the outside is only one aspect, a surface aspect, if you will, of the bigger picture. In fact, it is but a small microscopic element, like a grain of sand, in the field of quantum possibilities and total realities. This does not mean that you are too small to make a difference or that you are at the mercy of the whims of people and circumstances that appear to be outside of your control. Instead, you are infinite beings having a momentary experience in what you call your current physical reality.

When you take a bird’s eye view of your existence, like you would looking down at all the grains of sand that make up the entire beach, you will realize that there is more than only what you perceive around you. From the grain of sand’s perspective, everything near it seems like its only reality. But if it could see itself from a plane’s view, for instance, i.e., how vast the world is outside of that grain’s dimension of awareness, then that grain would also be aware of the vastness of possibilities that truly exist.

Just like you cannot see the wind in and of itself, you know that it still exists as evidenced in the way that it moves the leaves and sways the trees. You cannot see the air you breathe but you know that it exists by the very virtue of you breathing it. The same goes for the other energies at play that may not be visible to the naked eye but, nonetheless, still exist.

Your outer circumstances or the world at large and the events that unfold are but one manifestation of energy and consciousness, but that does not mean that energy and consciousness is limited only to that one expression of it. No one has ownership or dominion over energy. No one controls the natural laws of the universe. No one controls these forces for anyone else. As such, no matter how small you might feel against the other grains of sand that are pushing up against you, you still and always have the ability to tap into the ultimate wider dimensional field in order to create the reality of your personal choosing. Things outside might seem unchanged, but your experience within them can be.

You are powerful, you always were and you always will be. The degree of power you choose to enact, however, will be completely dependent upon your awareness of it and the perception of yourself within the greater world. Your freedom and sovereignty do not come from other people’s permissions. They do not depend on other people’s actions. The true power you possess is something that can never be taken away from you. However, you can choose to give it away and then it appears as though you don’t have any left. But that is only an illusion of your own making. See yourself as powerful and the world will see you that way too. Feel your inner connection to the power of all things and you will know your part in that power grid and how much control you actually have over your own life.

Energy is available to everyone. You are energetic beings first and foremost. Your energy can be used to heal you, to inspire you, to fuel you, to manifest for you, and to help others to do the same. You are limitless when you finally awaken to that truth.

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