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Controlling Your Own Mind

Q: What is the best way to control your mind so as to most efficiently and joyously manifest your heart’s desires?

A: Float above negative thoughts. Whenever there is an unwanted thought, and subsequent unwanted emotion, imagine yourself floating above it and observing it without attachment. Look at it from the outside, i.e., from outside of yourself, instead of entangling your energy with the negativity. Instead of absorbing the negative thoughts and feelings, just observe them without judgment. By doing this you will realize that you are not your fears, doubts, or insecurities, and that these are simply mental constructs of the ego, and that you can choose anything you want to focus on instead.

Think of your mind as a canvas and you hold the paintbrush and the universe supplies all of the colors. Then remember that you are choosing what you paint. Will you choose based on what other people tell you, directly, or even indirectly, based on the external stimulus around you? Or, will you choose based on what your soul desires? It is always your choice what you choose to focus on and, subsequently, manifest into your experience.

Mind control is really about discipline. It’s as simple as directing your focus, and more importantly, how you feel about your focus, intentionally and purposefully and consciously. When you allow yourself to get triggered by external people and events, you are not consciously controlling your mind. But, when you allow for people and events to have their own perspective, and realize that your perspective need not align with anything that you do not like or want, then you actively become a conscious creator.

So, here’s the process to recap:

1) If you have a negative thought or feeling, imagine yourself floating above it and just observing it without attachment.

2) Realize that external events or opinions have no power over you if you disallow their influence.

3) Change your focus onto something that feels better to you.

4) Think about what it is that YOU desire to create.

5) Envision this desire playing out and feel into it with total surrender of the timing, the order, and with detachment from the outcome.

6) Always remember that only YOU are in control of your thoughts and subsequent responses, and no one else.

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