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Be the Light

Updated: May 10, 2020

In times of hardship and fear there will always be differences in how people choose to deal. Now, while there is ultimately no “right” or “wrong” way in the grander scope of things (because everyone has their own journey), there is, however, benefit in taking the lighter route.

In the lighter route, we choose faith over fear, we believe that we have the power to create our own destiny, and we encourage ourselves and others to elevate to a higher awareness of peace, love, and well-being. But fear is a strong opponent. Yet, that is only true if we allow it to take control over our lives. Each of us has a choice of what emotions, thoughts, and behaviors we will enact. And while it is easy to get swept up by the collective consensus, we must choose to do all that we can in order to resist that wave in favor of calmer waters.

Our society, in a way, is dependent upon the mainstream narrative. That's because that narrative creates order and agreement so that everyone knows their place. However, human evolution was not built on the status quo. Rather, it was built by risk-takers, innovators, and revolutionaries that often opposed conventional ways of thinking in favor of inspired change.

Consequently, as we continue to evolve as a society, and as a species, it is crucial that more of these types of leaders show up, in spite of the disapproval they will likely face from the masses. Because if history is any indicator, what is considered revolutionary today will likely become the common sense of tomorrow.

Consequently, if you are one of those people who feels there is a better way than what society mandates, I would urge you to be the light that guides others out of the darkness. And I would encourage you to use your gifts and leadership qualities in order to help others gain new perspectives and choose empowerment over fear. Your job, to be clear, is not to convince anyone of anything, nor is it to claim absolute knowledge. Rather, it is to ask the questions and challenge the answers so that understanding wins over ignorance. Moreover, your job is to elevate your own spirit so that your light of reason and sensibility shines so bright that others simply cannot miss it.

Humans are creatures of habit. What that means is, we as humans get used to certain beliefs, expectations, and behaviors, whether they are productive or not. The challenge, however, for those of us who choose to see beyond the status quo is the resistance we will likely encounter from the outside world. The simple truth is that people don’t like change, and as change-makers we can, at times, appear threatening, even though we know that we are not. But we mustn’t get discouraged by all of this, for we know that we are not in it for the approval or the "I told you so's." Rather, we are in it for the ultimate good of all.

So I urge all of you who are taking the time to ask more questions and to be more discerning before coming to judgment, please stay the course, because the light is certainly near and the world needs your brand of curiosity.

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