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Ascension 2020

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

This is a message to all of those lightworkers who are confused, frustrated, angry, and scared, yet also curious, enlightened, impassioned, and aware.

Now is NOT the time to feel resistance, bitterness, hopelessness, or fear. Now is NOT the time to get stuck in “waiting mode,” or “holding your breath,” hoping for the global circumstances to get better (or for the restrictions to end) so that you can finally get back to feeling “normal.” It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of wanting justice and retribution but, inevitably, this will not help your cause. You want the world to understand what you understand and to see what you see, but you cannot rush the process or “make” anyone wake up to anything they are not currently willing or able to consider. Everyone has their process. Everyone has their time. Everyone has that right.

So, then, what is your mission?

Well, now is the time to practice what you preach. Now is the time for you to focus on consciously creating your personal experience, no matter what the external conditions might dictate. Now is the time to maintain your 5th dimensional consciousness and allow the 3rd dimensional events to naturally unfold and transform (alchemize) into the 5D experience. Those who resonate with this will know what I mean. But for those who do not yet know what the 5D experience entails, well, hold on tight because you are about to find out. None of us truly has a full grasp of what this 5D experience will look like, but what we can bet on is that, collectively, we are moving from hate to love, from restriction to freedom, from corruption to integrity, and from deep sleep to awakening. And while it might look like the opposite is true right now, this is simply the process, i.e., the catalyst through which positive change is and will be occurring.

This transformation is happening, although it may not happen overnight. Old systems will change into newer ones, but things will need to take their course in an organic way. Some people will resist at first, because change can be scary, even if it is for our own benefit. Our comfort zones might be shaken, but that does not mean that the sky is falling or that the end of the world is upon us. So stay open, stay aware, stay calm and, most of all, stay uplifted. Seek the opportunity through the challenge.

Those with a false sense of authority who do not want to give up control are going to have a tougher time. Those who need to be in control of others in order to feel empowered are going to go into this ascension process kicking and screaming. But no matter how “loud” it may get, do not get distracted, and do not fear because all oppressors are ultimately "swimming" upstream without a paddle. Some may believe that they are the most powerful because they currently appear to have all the power, but this power is superficial and has no true meaning outside the constructs of societal "norms." Know that your mind is still free, and it always will be as long as you choose freedom. Positive change is coming, and no one is immune to it.

And so, the less you involve yourself with the problem, the faster the solution will appear. So, once again, do not fear. All is well. The Energetic Realm (that we call Source and the Universe) knows exactly what is needed. Our human evolution has its collective plan. So let it play out as you observe it with child-like wonder, and as you choose to experience your life as you want it to be. Share information and be aware of what’s going on, but do so without getting sucked into the negative vortex of it all. Observe, and then let go. And know that your good vibes are contributing to the betterment of all of humanity. Your joy will cancel out the fear. This is your purpose.

This ascension process is something that many people may not yet understand. But it is simply a part of an evolutionary process that humans and the earth have been experiencing since the dawn of their existence. Whenever evolution occurs, older paradigms that no longer work are replaced with newer ones that do. Functions that are no longer efficient are simply transformed into functions that make everything more optimal. But the evolutionary process is often spawned through some sort of catalyst that requires a change to be made. Something propels us to evolve, but it may not always be pretty.

Depending on the purpose or lesson or goal, the change can be “good” or “bad,” it can be inspired or reactionary but, in the bigger picture, it’s not actually about judgment at all. Rather, it is a necessary process of vetting and clearing, transforming and alchemizing. It is a realization of the cause and effect relationship, and the power of creation that we all have within. And really, every moment of evolution that we, as a species, have ever encountered has simply existed to teach us the lesson of self-empowerment. Could it be that this time, collectively, we have missed the memo? Maybe. Perhaps, then, the status quo simply needed a change.

Ascension is happening; the wheels are in motion. But the question is, how do you want to spend your time within this process, and what types of experiences do you want to create while you are “waiting” for the world to change? The truth is, humans were not designed to endure a perpetual state of fear or panic. Being in fight, freeze, or flight mode cannot be sustained over the long-term without it having some sort of impact on our psychological and physical health. So, if we want to be part of this evolutionary process (and healthy, prosperous, and happy along the way), we are going to have to find a way to relax the fear (and anger) and focus on something else instead. We need to realize that we all chose to be here at this time for a reason; we all have an important purpose to serve. But we will never realize that purpose in the midst of fear, anger, or anxiety.

If you want to change the world, you cannot do so by solely focusing on the problem. And if you want to be the creator of your own destiny (and manifest your overall optimal experience), you need to focus more on finding your personal solutions.

Keep in mind that your emotions are what charge your experiences. So if you look at something from an objective perspective, you will not be feeding it with your energy. But if you feel frustrated, angry, sad, hopeless, disempowered, impatient, or controlled, you will then be charging your experiences with these emotions, hence, creating your life in kind. So, instead, charge your observations with emotions of love, joy, peace, unity, understanding, abundance, purpose, and freedom and you will be creating an entirely different personal experience within the macrocosm of the external world.

Being informed is important. Being an independent thinker is crucial. Trusting your intuition is imperative. And mindfully creating your experiences by understanding your point of attraction is absolutely necessary. Uplift your emotions and you will uplift your experience. And, by default, you will uplift humanity's experience as well.

What you need to understand is that accepting the “new normal” does not mean conceding to it. Non-resistance does not equal defeat. It is simply a matter of figuring out how you can surrender to the flow of what you know and trust to be your best outcomes and processes, and make things work to your benefit, rather than to your detriment. How can you work around the “system” while still being within the system? How can you ensure that you maintain your autonomy and independence no matter what? And how can you make your personal experience ideal even if the macro experience seems tumultuous, uncontrollable, unchangeable, and/or unstable? These are the million dollar questions.

The thing is, a shift into a new world is happening, whether the world realizes it or not. But while this shift seems like it may be moving in the wrong direction, know that the pendulum is due to swing the other way any time now. You cannot find buried treasure without first digging through the dirt. And right now, as a collective, we are digging through a shit load. But a flower does not bloom until it first passes through the dark night of the earth, later sprouting into the light of day as it becomes nourished by the sun and all of the elements that help it thrive. There is no struggle, there is no resistance, just pure surrender into the natural process that creates life. The beauty lies in its strength, in its resilience, in its surrender, and in its sheer presence. The sun always shines above the clouds. Plants still grow, even if the seeds are still hidden.

Things are not always as they seem, and one day everyone will realize that or, rather, remember it. But for now, your personal mission is to stay open, stay calm, get some perspective, and live your life with power and intention. It is not to convince anyone of anything or to gain approval. It is simply to live your life with integrity, authenticity, and pure joy and acceptance. For when you open your mind to what is possible, miracles can and will appear. Know that your happiness need not be predicated upon others’ actions or choices, or even the environment in which you find yourself. So instead of “holding your breath” as you wait for outer conditions to change so that you can finally feel happy and free again, enjoy your life now. Create your future now. Be empowered now. Be aware now. And let go to the bigger picture, because it is more beautiful than you realize. All is truly well.

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