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Are Lockdowns Really Justified?

Since lockdowns have become a “normal” way of life these days, it begs the question, are lockdowns really justified, or have they become an ill-advised strategy of so-called health and government officials who don’t really know what they are doing?

Let’s see. Health officials create ridiculous models (based on what, we don’t know), and then they use these hypothetical models to justify the lockdowns and other restrictive measures. Then, when those modelled numbers don’t materialize (because they never really do) they say it’s because of the lockdowns when, really, they have absolutely no proof of that. They also have absolutely no proof of small businesses spreading anything. Have you seen the parking lots in malls and big box stores? Nothing about these restrictions have anything to do with safety.

Toronto has been in lockdown for about 3 weeks now and the “cases” keep rising. In fact, if you were to believe that masks, incessant hand sanitizing, social distancing, and lockdowns work so well, then why the hell are “cases” still rising? In fact, if you look at the data from all around the world, these measures have not only done nothing to stop the “spread,” the spread has continued to rise regardless, with a whole bunch of collateral damage added to the mix. So what are people restricting their breath, social contacts, mental health, and ability to earn a living for exactly?

Outbreaks continue in long term health care centres as well, despite those seniors being isolated from their loved ones for months and months on end. So what are any of these restrictive measures actually accomplishing other than wreaking havoc on the entire fabric of society? And at what point do the people making all of these decisions get to be held to account?

Ontario’s population is almost at 14.5 million people.

Ontario covid stats according to The Canadian Press as of December 14, 2020:

“In total, 857 people are hospitalized in Ontario due to COVID-19, including 244 in intensive care.

The latest figures bring the total of COVID-19 cases in Ontario to 142,121, with 3,972 deaths, and 121,563 cases resolved.”

It is well known at this point where the majority of those deaths have occurred, and we all know by now that the testing method being used is more than questionable, so why, then, is the population being held hostage, and why are people being deprived of their basic rights and freedoms? Moreover, why are all of the harmful effects of lockdowns being so systematically ignored?

It’s interesting too how they keep blaming “asymptomatic" people for the spread. They make it sound like asymptomatic, A.K.A. otherwise healthy people, are going around licking surfaces and spitting on people. If an “asymptomatic” person (which likely just means they don’t actually have the virus, or enough of the virus to even be infectious) is wearing a mask and social distancing and all that jazz, then why would that be driving up spread?

I think at this point there are a lot of logical and analytical people feeling like they are banging their heads against the wall and getting nowhere fast, and this can be extremely frustrating for sure. But that’s just because we are trying to make sense of what we are being told. So then, the only other explanation for this blatant, let’s call it “ignorance,” on the part of governments and health officials is that there must be another agenda at play here altogether; there has to be because nothing else makes any sense.

There are nurses and doctors and scientists of the highest order coming out with alternative opinions and front line facts that are very important, and you would think that governments would take notice, especially given how their own plans have failed so miserably. But instead, these skilled professionals are being villainized, ostracized, mocked, censored, and threatened. No wonder so many other professionals are afraid to come forward with their truth, i.e., they are simply afraid of the possible ramifications.

All we hear about is vaccine vaccine vaccine. So it would make sense that with all of the money that Canada (and the world) has invested in vaccines (including all the doses they have already pre-ordered), if a vaccine wasn’t needed and the public was privy to that, then governments would end up with a lot of egg on their faces, not to mention a very angry public, a stockpile of useless vials, and a thorn in their plans for where they want our society to go next.

So, what can we do when we feel like nothing makes sense and our words and actions seem like they are going absolutely nowhere?

Well, first of all, we have to stop trying to find the logic in the illogical. Because when we work from the premise that these decisions are being made for our own good, we end up scratching our heads wondering how that can be given the absolute failures we see with the current policies in place.

So then, the only answer is to assume that there is another agenda that actually does make more sense, even if it’s not an agenda that we like, and certainly not the agenda that we are being told about. Then everything will become much clearer and we can stop wasting our energy on trying to figure out a puzzle that can never be solved or arguing against a riddle that has no actual solution.

Furthermore, as we accept that things may not actually be as they seem, we can then spend our energy using our inner power and strength to affect the changes that we actually want to see.

Governments obviously don’t care about the fate of small businesses because, if they did, they would heed their protests and, I am sure, the many letters they are receiving on that subject alone. Mayors plead with officials not to lock down their regions as they give fact-based reasons why it doesn’t make sense, yet they too are ignored. Governments don’t give any proof or facts to back up their decisions other than “case numbers.” MPPs are thrown out of caucus and censored, even though they are speaking out on behalf of the constituents they have been voted in to serve. People protest day in and day out, banging their pots and pans hoping that it’s going to make a difference. And people stand on soapboxes giving speeches that seem to preach to the choir but to no one else. And all of this feels like it has been done to no avail. It simply appears as though no one cares and that no one in power is actually listening.

So perhaps, then, we need a change in strategy. Now, I am not saying that our actions are not important or than they do not serve a purpose. What I am saying is that we need to start doing more, but on a different level.

Whenever we set a goal we must first load that goal with intention and energy if we want for it to be successful. What that means is that in order for an action to be its most powerful, we need to set it up with the right intention. So far it seems like we’ve been focused on fighting against something and defending ourselves from something, but this focus still lies on that which we DON’T want. And so, what we really need to do is to set the intention of our ultimate goals, like peace, freedom, love, unity, well-being, community, prosperity, honesty, integrity, and so on, and take action from those feelings and emotions as we think about what we DO want. Any great athlete will tell you that they always set up their win in their mind first, and then follow through with action. This is how we become successful. Not through anger and unrest, but with optimism and laser focus.

“What you resist persists.” And so, if we change our mental and emotional focus, that is when we will achieve our collective goals that much faster and easier. So let’s stop trying to solve the riddle that is unsolvable and, instead, let’s move our energy in the direction of our true goals and desires by focusing on the end goal that we want to see manifest. That way we will preserve our energy for what really matters, rather than wasting our energy (through anger and frustration) trying to find logic where logic simply does not exist.


Take a few minutes each day, get quiet, and envision what you want your life and the world to look like. What is your ideal? How does it feel to be living that ideal? Bask in this emotion and visualization for a few minutes and then claim your openness to receiving inspiration for where action might be needed. That way your goal will be loaded with the right type of energy and the best kinds of ideas that will enable you to move mountains. Because, when the universe is at your side, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish.

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