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Aligning Your Own Energy While Uplifting Others

There are many conscious individuals on this planet who do their best to stay aware and self-responsible for their actions and contributions in life. However, when these “awake” people are surrounded by those who tend to be less optimistic, they may often wonder if this will dilute their own ability to manifest what they desire to experience. After all, we do not live in a vacuum; our lives are indeed intertwined with one another.

The thing is, while we cannot change anyone else or “make” anyone else any more optimistic than they are, what we can do is realize that our own destiny does not depend on anyone other than ourselves. Yes, we are interconnected with others. But when our own energetic vibration is so elevated as to eliminate any doubt from our own mind, that energy will spread out to uplift all those around us as well, even if just by feelings alone. The fact is, we are the ones getting to choose our alignment and whether or not we will choose to succumb to the negativity of those around us. So, in truth, no one can really get us down if we do not allow ourselves to be down. Yet, we can help to uplift others when we ourselves feel uplifted.

In order to uplift others, however, we do not have to really “do” anything other than ensure that we ourselves are living our own truth and raising our own vibration in order to align with that ultimate truth and authenticity. Others don’t have to believe us or agree with us in order for us to succeed. Yet, if they are close to us, they will actually benefit from our energy too.

That’s because, as we maintain our energy to be high, it becomes the more dominant energy and, thus, the more powerful and influential kind. So, just by being our true selves we can, naturally and without any effort, uplift those around us as well. As long as we maintain our personally high vibration, others with lower vibrations will naturally benefit by default, whether they realize this or not. And, in reality, they might not realize it at first, but they will indeed be benefiting nonetheless.

Now, this does not mean that we are manipulating anyone else’s energy or that we are forcing them to adopt our personal belief system. It’s simply a natural phenomenon of energy transfer that happens because higher vibrational energy is simply more desired at the subconscious level. The people around you will either embrace that energy or they will resist it, and that is their choice. But, if they truly want the same things in essence, yet they are lost in how to achieve it, they will tend to gravitate towards the higher vibe regardless.

Think of this analogy for a moment. Imagine a group of friends hanging out and complaining about life. They are all somber and depressed and feeding off of each other’s misery. Then another friend comes into the room, turns on some happy music, brings in some snacks, and starts telling really funny jokes. That person is clearly on a different vibration that their friends in that moment and could easily be brought down by the downward energy of the group. However, by choosing to stay aligned with their own personal happiness, and acting that out in an inspiring way, that person’s energy can uplift the energy of all the other people in the room without having to try to change anyone’s mind or make anyone be any different. That person does not have to convince others to be happy either. Rather, they can simply share their own joy in a way that can uplift others’ moods without judging them as being right or wrong for it. And in doing so, they can provide a much needed reprieve from the troubles of the day. Keep in mind, however, that this has nothing to do with dismissing the legitimate feelings of others or ignoring the reality of how they are feeling or why. It’s simply a matter of showing love, compassion, acceptance, understanding, and a willingness to share uplifting energy with those who might need it (in whatever ways that feel most appropriate at the time). Once the mood is lifted, that group of people will likely be better able to focus on finding their solutions instead of just getting caught up in their problems.

Ultimately, allowing yourself to be brought down will not help you, nor will it allow you to help anyone else. As such, it is not selfish to secure your own happiness, because it is only from your own joy that you can share joy. For, you cannot share something that you do not have in the first place. Moreover, you do not need to rely on the mood of others, nor do you need to change anyone, in order to feel happy yourself. Instead, you can live your joy and trust that this joy will spread like wildfire everywhere that it needs to go.

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