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A Grander Perspective

Have you ever stopped what you were doing to simply gaze up at the moon? If you have, perhaps in that moment you were able to realize how small we, as a planet and as humanity, really are. When we contemplate the fact that earth is but one planet in the vast expansive universe, all of our collective problems start to gain some perspective.

Now, even though we might feel small in comparison, we need to realize that we are one with this beautiful universe. In fact, we are made of the same elements and we play an important role in its expansion, for consciousness expands the universe too. Each of us plays a vital role in the macrocosm of space as well as everything within it and beyond it. However, gaining this vast perspective also teaches us that there is so much more than meets the eye. There is so much more than the fighting, the competing, the abusing, and the disrespecting that we as humans have come to perceive as normal. There is so much more than division and prejudice, for we are one planet in the sea of many, and we are all hurdling through a vast vacuum of space and time together.

Perhaps when we start to see ourselves and our world from a grander perspective, we will realize that there is more to life than just getting by. There is more to life than the fear, anger, division, intolerance, and desperation that exists within the human condition. We are one people living on one planet in the middle of a vast universe that we have yet to fully explore and understand.

And so, when we look at life in this way, all of the sudden the minutia of the problems that we perceive in our lives start to gain a bit more perspective and we can start to ask ourselves if that thing that we were so mad about yesterday is really going to matter in the bigger picture.

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