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A Current Message for Awakened Souls

Often, times of collective change tend to be more chaotic and seemingly disorganized than not. That is because where there is change there is often resistance to that change. In this case, people want so badly to maintain the status quo that they will willingly give up their freedoms thinking that this is what it will take to get their normal lives back. They do not yet realize that it is in fact their compliance that is prolonging their enslavement.

Your frustration is certainly understandable. But the collective energy is its own animal, so to speak. Every one of you contributes to that collective, and light has the most power to influence it, but it is still a collective energy and, right now, a big portion of the collective is still stuck in fear. Once that momentum changes, that change will be reflected in global and local policy changes as well. But you cannot hurry someone else’s awakening process. You can only be responsible for your own. That said, you are still conscious creators of your own destiny and reality. It’s just a matter of reinventing yourself and reimagining your goals and desires in such a way as to align with your innate purpose and values. If you, yourself, are resisting change and are inflexible, how do you expect the collective to be open to change? Even if your status quo is different from others’, it is still an energy of limitation, stagnation, and boxed-in thinking. Open yourself up to other joyous possibilities. Plans sometimes change, but for the better. Sometimes one’s goals don’t quite pan out like one might have hoped, but often it is for the better. When you resist change you contribute to the resistance to change in the collective energy as well.

So, try to let go of wanting things to stay the same. Try to detach from how you think things “should” be. Be accepting of how things are without being attached to how things are. Know that the universal laws of creation and manifestation have not left. Your perception of them might have changed based on how distracted you are allowing yourself to be, but the actuality of what is available to you has not changed. Possibilities are still infinite.

So, start to imagine once again what you want your reality to look like, to feel like. This way you and your light and creativity will be influencing the collective energy in an uplifting and optimistic way. Feeling disappointed, afraid, hopeless, these are energies the world is already saturated with and it will not ultimately create positive change. Keeping your eyes on the prize and not worrying about or waiting for others to “wake up” is what will not only help you materialize your ideal life, it will actually contribute to the collective shifts that are needed for collective ascension.

Do not get sucked in to other people’s reality and perspectives and perceptions that you do not resonate with. Let them have their views. Let them see the world as they want to see it. If their view is not aligned with the truth and with the ascension process into higher states of consciousness, let them have that experience as well, knowing full well that their perceptions of the world and reality need not be of concern to you and need not impact how you experience your reality.

Multiple realities and universes and dimensions do not only exist in ethereal theory; they also exist in personal experience. People in the same place can have a very different experience of the same circumstances and create vastly different outcomes as a result.

Do not hold on to the old ways of being, as many of those ways are outdated and need an upgrade. Holding on to old systems is what is delaying the ascension process on a collective level, but also on an individual level. Especially as lightworkers, it is even more prudent to focus on building new and better ways than focusing on salvaging the old ways and systems. It’s about reworking things to work better, not wallowing in self-pity because the status quo has changed. Being attached to the past is what is delaying forward progress, both on a collective level and personal level. The “bad actors” are relying on this attachment to the past that the majority has, and is using it as a dangling carrot in order to obtain compliance. But many people do not even realize that the goalposts keep shifting because their focus is solely on the carrot and not on who is controlling and holding it over them. The awakened realize who is trying to control others’ behavior. But no matter how loud you shout about it to others, they will need to work out their own fear first before they will be open to listening.

How long will it take for things to shift in the world for the better? If you realize that it is not about time but, rather, about choosing sovereignty in each moment, then you will stop counting the minutes to salvation and create your own. Time is flexible. It is not pre-set. It depends on the actions and choices of the collective. But it also depends on your personal choices and perspectives with regard to your reality. And the more that you focus on creating your ideal reality, the more you will be contributing to a better reality for the collective as well.

Living your life well and doing what makes you happy is not selfish. It is needed. It may seem that if you are not talking about it, trying to convince someone, or taking activist action that you are not contributing to the collective shift. But this is not true. Any choice that you make that brings happiness and joy to your soul, is more powerful of a contribution than you realize. This is an energetic shift, first and foremost. The actions and the reactions and the physical manifestations are simply an after effect. Change starts from energy shifts. So feeling fear, anger, frustration, resentment, hopelessness, etc. will not actually help to solve anything. It will only contribute to the collective fear, etc., even if it’s coming from a different angle. Fear is fear, no matter which way you look at it, because it is the energy of fear that creates the manifestation of it in the external world. But the same goes for love and harmony and joy and the like. These expressions also add to the collective, but in a much more productive way.

Freedom, as you see it, will be restored and you will all reap the benefits, but if you know that you are always free, free to think, free to feel, free to create, then that feeling of freedom and knowing of freedom will ultimately lead to the manifestation of it in all desired forms.

Do not feel angry or sad at what you think you are losing in the old world. See this as an adventure and creative experience to be able to think up and create new ways of being that are even better. You are up-grading.

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