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Following Our Own Advice

We all have wisdom to share. From our experiences to the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, each of us has something valuable to impart on the world. However, while we may be good at helping others with our expertise, sometimes it is far more difficult to help ourselves in the same way.

The fact of the matter is, it is so much easier to hand out advice when we are somewhat removed from the situation. That’s because we are not being affected by irrational thoughts fueled by heated emotions. Plus, we are not the ones who have to actually take the action or make the change. But when we, ourselves, are in the throes of a particular predicament, it is not always so easy to heed our own counsel. Regardless, it is at those times that we need to listen to our own wisdom the most so that we can move past what hurts us and move into a better feeling place. But how do we do that? How do we become objective enough in our own lives to see the forest for the trees?

Well, we can start by distancing ourselves from our problem so that we can see the bigger picture without personal bias. And one way we can do that is to pretend as though someone else has come to us for advice about the exact same situation. What would we say to them? How would we advise them? When we distance ourselves from our own reactions in this way, we can become more objective to our own situation. And by doing so, we enable ourselves to use our own wisdom for our own personal good.

I believe that most of us already know better and that we all have access to an infinite wisdom that holds the solutions to all of our problems. However, when we are not thinking clearly it is harder to tap into that wisdom because we are not open to receiving it. As such, when we become a bit more objective to our own situations, that is when we will see the value of our own advice as it applies to our own lives.

Whether we are giving advice or implementing it in our own lives, the most important thing is to be more empathetic, both with others and with ourselves. You see, the more understanding and forgiving we are with the advice that we dish out, the more understanding and forgiving we will be with ourselves in taking that same advice. And so, when we allow for some leniency in both instances, that is when taking action will no longer feel so intimidating. That's because when we allow ourselves the room to make mistakes, the room to learn, and even the room to be scared, we take some of the pressure off, which, in turn, gives us more courage and confidence to proceed with the actions we know are necessary in order for us to succeed.

The truth is, each of us is both teacher and student. So, when we realize that the great advice we have to share with others is just as valuable to ourselves, we become super empowered, not only in our own lives but also as an example to others.


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