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  • Dora Nudelman

Shifting to a Positive Momentum

When the topic of “positive thinking” comes up, many skeptics will say that while in theory it might seem nice to think positively, reality doesn’t always make that feel possible. As a result, thinking positively becomes something to do “some day” when things get better, not realizing that in order for things to get better, positive thinking is what is actually required.

In order for reality to change we cannot keep beating the same drum or singing the same song and expect something different to happen. Rather, it is when we think positively in spite of outward appearances that we are able to change our circumstances for the better.

In truth, it is not always easy to shift our perspective when issues like financial worries, health concerns, relationship troubles, or any other legitimate reasons for feeling down and out arise. But if we look at it logically, repeating our same patterns of thought that got us to where we are today will not bring about the changes we wish to see. So really, what do we have to lose? If what we have been doing all this time has brought us to where we are now (and we don’t like it), it is logical to assume that the only way to get to somewhere else (that we do like) is to change what we are doing now.

It is easy to say that positive thinking is too woo-woo to be practical. For example, we look at those who seem to have it all as they skip around enjoying their lives and we think that positive thinking is a luxury that is only afforded by those who are more fortunate and have the free time. But what we don’t realize is that the path that gets us to where we can skip around too is the one where we believe in ourselves, in our possibilities, and where we choose to look at the positive side of life.

The rich get richer not because they are luckier or because life is ultimately unfair. Rather, it is because they have simply mastered a specific type of mindset, namely one revolving around a positive relationship with money. People have spontaneous recoveries and experience miraculous healings that defy medical science not because they are saints or magicians, but because they have allowed themselves to receive the relief that they had been asking for in faith. Sure, it feels gratifying to feel sorry for ourselves and blame everyone and everything around us for our struggles. But while this absolves us of our responsibility, unfortunately, it also absolves us of our personal power. With that said, if we are to take ownership of what we manifest into our lives, how do we then change our mindset when “reality” knocks us down?

Well, to start, instead of focusing only on what we feel we lack, we need to focus on what is going right for us in our lives right now. Ask yourself, “What do I have right now that I can appreciate?” Even the most obvious answers count. Then, stop thinking so much about what went wrong in your life and replace that with what went right. Then, repeat that pattern of thought and behavior over and over again until you reach your desired results. What have you manifested in your life thus far that you feel good about? What was your mentality about it before it came to be? And how can you apply that type of thinking and acting to what you desire to manifest now?

You see, what we manifest into our lives overwhelmingly revolves around the type of momentum we build. And so, the more aligned we are with what we desire, the more we will bring what we love into our lives. But this can snowball in either direction. For instance, ever notice how much crap you attract when you are in a bad mood? Well, it’s not because the universe is conspiring against you or because life is ultimately unjust. Instead, it is because you are creating your life through your predominant thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions. And the more momentum you create in any direction is the way life will show up for you.

When something goes “wrong” in our lives and we stay fixated on that, the truth of the matter is, we are going to start noticing more and more things going “wrong.” That, then, will cause us to spiral into making general statements about life as it stands, leading us to make one excuse after another for why nothing is working as we want it to. As a result, we will begin to see even more evidence of what’s “wrong” with the world, which will only fuel our negative beliefs even further. As such, the momentum we begin to build will take us farther and farther away from what we say we want. However, we do not realize what we are doing so we feel confused as to why we are asking for one thing, yet receiving another.

But the same thing can happen with the good stuff too. Ever find yourself feeling elated for whatever reason only to notice how “lucky” you are throughout your day? Maybe you find a twenty-dollar bill on the ground, someone lets you cut the line, you get first pick of restaurant reservations that are hard to get, you find tickets to a sold-out show, etc. And none of this is a coincidence. You are simply creating your life based on the type of energy you are putting out into the world, starting with your own thoughts. The world is simply reflecting back to you the way you choose to see it.

It may seem difficult at first to connect the dots between cause and effect, as it does not always happen immediately and the correlation is not always obvious. So, we choose to believe that life just happens to us. However, if we really pay attention, we will start to notice the patterns of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions that are creating the results we are receiving in life. So, while life does sometimes just happen, each of us can control what we are going to do about it. As such, we can feel sorry for ourselves and choose to just give up as life continues to throw us around haphazardly. Or, we can use what we get as feedback showing us how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions are being reflected in our own life’s circumstances.

So whether through “fault” of our own, or through circumstances that seem beyond our control, at the end of the day, each of us gets to decide how we are going to handle it. And each of us gets to decide if we are going to allow it to crush our spirit, or if we are going to use it as motivation to make things better.

Everyone experiences some sort of struggles or setbacks in their life, but it is those who choose to look up and move forward that ultimately thrive and win. And so, we need to start thinking of ourselves as creators, rather than victims of circumstance, so that we can feel more empowered and hopeful about our future. For instance, think of yourself as an artist staring at a blank canvas. If you could use any color, pattern, or idea to create your masterpiece, what would you choose? Have you been painting in brown all of this time and expecting to see a rainbow? Remember, every moment is a new one, ready for us to re-prime and repaint as we wish.

Consequently, because every moment is new, while knowing where we went wrong is helpful, using the present to take forward action is even more powerful. Yes, there is value in understanding where and how we have been blocking ourselves, but there is even more value in using that information to transform our problems into solutions. So let's not spend time wallowing in guilt, self-pity, or regret, because that will only send us further down the rabbit hole. Instead, let's focus on what we can start doing right now that will help us shift our momentum in the other direction, because creating our momentum is what will determine the type of results we will ultimately get.

Think of it this way. If you are travelling on the highway by car at full speed, you cannot instantly turn around and go full speed in the other direction. You will first need to slow down, make a U-turn, and then accelerate again to your desired cruising speed. You might even want to stop altogether and map out directions for your desired destination before you proceed. And generating positive momentum works in the same way. If you have been focusing on struggle and hardship, in order to turn things around you will need to slowly shift your focus away from the negative, then regroup and start banking positive miles. Then each positive thought, feeling, belief, and action will increase your speed or momentum in the direction you want to go. The key here is to stop being fooled by outward appearances alone. Instead, look a bit deeper and ask yourself what you truly believe about life, yourself, and your ability to manifest what you desire. This will help you to know the type of momentum you are creating for yourself.

So, any time you have a significantly negative thought or reaction to something, ask yourself this: “Which direction is this thought taking me, and is it where I truly want to go?” This will take practice, for sure, but the better you become at noticing and shifting your thoughts, the more your positive momentum will grow. After all, you can't drive to L.A. and expect to arrive in Florida. So, plan your route and take the steps necessary to build the momentum you want to experience the most. You have been cruising on auto-pilot for long enough. Now is the time for you to take the driver’s seat once again.

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