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  • Dora Nudelman

Putting Down the Mask

So many of us are afraid to be vulnerable so we put on masks and we take on personas all to be accepted and loved. But what is it about being real and vulnerable that scares us so much?

Ego is a funny thing. It makes us believe that we are nothing more than how other people see us, so we hide our true feelings and we put on metaphorical masks in order to be liked and accepted. But there comes a point in our lives that all of this becomes more work than it is worth. And so, exhausting ourselves to please others is not the solution, because the more we do that, the farther away we will be moving from our true and authentic selves. The danger is, the more we pretend to be someone we are not, the more we forget who we actually are.

Being honest, on the other hand, is a completely freeing experience because by doing so we no longer need to live in fear of being "found out." You see, so many people suffer from impostor syndrome. Meaning, they think that they are not good enough and, as a result, they fear that one day someone will call them out on it. But this fear is not actually justified. And so, if we acknowledge our strengths and we admit to our weaknesses, then we can never fear being found out because we have already "exposed" and accepted ourselves for who we really are.

When everything is out on the table, there is nothing to hide. And so, when you are honest about what you want, expect, and how you feel, then no one can ever have anything on you. Essentially, you disarm those who would criticize because you know who you are and you do not require other people's permission to be that person. When you stop pretending to be someone or something you are not, only then can you be totally free to be yourself. So expose your "imperfections" before they expose you so that you can freely express yourself as you wish.

Do you understand how powerful you can be when you accept yourself and love the skin you're in? Imagine how different your life would be if you no longer obsessed about being liked, accepted, or validated by others' opinions. Imagine the freedom you would feel by being your true self without apology. Imagine all the time and energy you would have for what you love, versus worrying or spending time on defending yourself. No more comparisons. No more standards to follow. No more pressure. Imagine what that would feel like. Ahh, the freedom.

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