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  • Dora Nudelman

Making the Enlightened Choice

For many of us spiritual seekers, there often comes a time when over-analysis takes over and we have a tough time deciding the most enlightened thing to do in any given situation. We weigh the pros and cons against our consciousness, as well as everything we have learned about abundance, love, forgiveness, and freedom. However, still, sometimes it can get confusing which path is the “right” path to take.

With that said, here is a really easy and simple way to measure all of your decisions so that you can feel good about the choices you make. It will also help you to eliminate fear, guilt, resentment, and regret, all of which are super blockers to your success and happiness. So here it is:

Whenever you are unsure about what to do, ask yourself this: “Will this action empower me, or will it sabotage me?” and “Does this choice make me feel abundant, or depleted?” These questions might seem too simple to be helpful, but use them and you will see how powerful they can be in helping you to cultivate the energy you need to release your blocks and manifest what you truly want.

Let’s look at the first question. “Will this action empower me, or will it sabotage me?” When you think about making a specific choice you can usually gauge how you feel about it if you actively listen to your thoughts and notice your emotions through your body. When you think about making that choice, what emotions come up for you? What is motivating you? Are you choosing to do something out of fear, obligation, guilt, or insecurity? If so, then you know your decision will be a self-sabotaging one. Contrarily, if you feel good about your choice and it makes you feel happy and light inside, then you can be sure that it is the right and best choice for you at this time. Understand that high vibe decisions empower us while lower vibe decisions take our power away. And we can always know the difference based on how we feel.

Next let’s consider the second question. “Does this choice make me feel abundant, or depleted?" This question is similar to the first in that it asks us to check in with our feelings, but it also asks us to notice our alignment so that we understand what we are creating for our future.

When something makes you feel abundant (whether we’re talking about financial decisions or general life choices) that means it makes you feel appreciative for the present moment and confident in what you are manifesting next. When something makes you feel depleted, on the other hand, it means that you are potentially making a choice that will suck you dry of all of your energy until you have nothing left to give.

The good thing about noticing which path you are on is that you get to be pre-emptive and proactive rather than having to deal with a situation down the road that you do not really want or like. By being mindful about it now, before the decision has been made, you get to decide the tone of how things are going to play out for you.

For example, whether you have a financial decision to make or someone is asking something of you that you are unsure about giving, ask yourself first which choice feels the most abundant and empowering to you. Are you choosing out of guilt? Are you feeling pressured? Are you acting out of fear? If so, know that making this choice in this way will likely deplete you of your resources (energetic or otherwise), if not by the action itself, then by your reasons for it. But, if you are choosing out of confidence, faith, mindfulness, love, and without agenda, then you know that you are acting from a place of ultimate and true abundance.

If you still don’t quite know what to do, create some boundaries. I believe that having healthy boundaries is the best way to measure what is right for you versus what is not. That’s because boundaries give you an understanding of the line between self-empowerment and self-sabotage, abundance and depletion. That is, as long as you know what you will and will not accept from others, you will always know when it is good for you to say “yes” versus when it is better for you to say “no.”

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