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  • Dora Nudelman

A Message to Martyrs

There are people out there who would do well to question their motives a bit more, yet don’t. And then there are people who question themselves way too much when really they need not to. Remember, selfish and self-entitled people do not usually ask themselves if they are being selfish and entitled. So if you are already asking yourself this question, it's probably not your main issue. But the point here is not to compare or place judgment. Rather, it is to point out the importance of perspective, especially for the martyr.

Do you question yourself more than is healthy? Can you choose to trust yourself enough to simply enjoy your life without scrutiny? Can you allow yourself to receive without placing conditions on it?

The world needs your light but that light can only shine its brightest when you let it. So do not bog yourself down with over-analysis or harsh criticisms and judgments. Do not hold yourself to impossible and misguided standards of “perfection” either. You deserve to be your best and to have your best life, without apology, justification, or approval. You do not need to “earn” your right to joy. Give yourself the permission you seek because you don’t really need it from anyone else.

You are worthy!

You are loved!

You are blessed!

You are allowed!

No one and nothing is stopping you but your own fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. Let those go now and watch how life pleasantly surprises you.

Do not punish yourself for something you haven’t done. Do not place the weight of the world solely on your own shoulders. Everyone must do their part so do not take on responsibilities that are not yours.

Hold others accountable at least as much as you do yourself and respect your own boundaries because, in doing so, all will ultimately benefit. And choose to make heart-centered choices based on love rather than guilt, because you’ve already got this giving thing down. Now it’s time to practice receiving. Remember, if giving comes easily to you, it’s probably not your lesson.

So allow yourself what you desire! Your future self will thank you.

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