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The "Evil Eye" Myth

Many cultures around the world believe in something called "evil eye." Now, for those of you who are not aware of this concept, basically it is the fear that other people's jealousy will cause bad fortune to befall you. As a result, many people who subscribe to this belief either wear or carry a talisman in order to "protect" themselves from such a fate.

However, here's the problem with all of this. The fear of "evil eye" is actually a superstition and a self-fulfilling prophecy in and of itself. You see, often in life we receive what we believe in the most, and believing in "evil eye" is no different. In truth, you cannot become prey to "evil eye" if, 1) you do not give it out, and 2) you do not buy into the fear.

The thing is, each of us is constantly creating our own karma. So if someone is jealous of you and doesn't wish you well, they are simply creating their own destiny. Meaning, through the boomerang effect they will get back the exact same energy that they are sending out to you. And so, as long as you are not willing to accept their shade, it is simply not yours. However, if you start fearing that their ill wishes will have power over you, it is that belief alone that will cause you harm.

The reality of it is, you must be aligned in some way with anything in order to manifest it into your life. That said, think of it this way: If jealousy were a bridge and you were flying over it in a plane, you may be parallel to it and you may be able to see it, but your paths will never cross. So jealousy, like the bridge, may still exist, but it will have no effect or bearing on you or your path. It simply cannot touch you when you are flying so high above it.

On the flip side, you cannot wear a talisman for protection yet contradict it with your own behavior. Unfortunately, some people believe that they can do whatever they like and that they will still be protected due to wearing a bracelet or another trinket, but that is simply not true. No one can escape their own karma unless, of course, they do something to change it. A talisman will only have power if you align your energy with it, otherwise it becomes meaningless.

On another note, sometimes we might be afraid to shine too bright or to have "too much" because we fear that others' envy will cause us misfortune. But limiting ourselves because of that fear is dis-empowering. You will not help anyone succeed by playing it small or by undermining your potential. They won't become any richer, healthier, smarter, prettier, or more successful if you dim your light. In fact, if others believe that holding you back will help them get ahead in some way, they are sadly mistaken. For instead of getting ahead, they will be setting themselves back with their own limited thinking.

So always remember, everyone creates their own destiny by the choices they make, so you only need to think about your own. That means that, talisman or not, as long as you control your own envy and do not fear it from others, by default you will be protected. In fact, self-awareness is the only real protection you need.

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