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  • Dora Nudelman

Back to the Basics

"Back in the day" we knew where our food came from, we knew people by name, and we got together face-to-face. Then came the industrial revolution, which along the lines brought with it processed foods, the microwave, and TV dinners.

It's funny, though, how we have almost come full circle in some ways. Organic farming is again all the rage, as are sustainable, wholesome, and quality production methods. We have played around with genetic engineering and the desire to dehumanize the food chain process, but now I think we're finally learning the consequences of those actions. For instance, childhood obesity rates have sky-rocketed and we wonder why. As such, with the advancement of technology we, as a society, simply cannot afford to compromise quality for convenience anymore.

I was watching a TV program the other day that talked about the process of making bread in a Dutch Oven over natural coals. Holy crap! It was almost as labor intensive as Julia Child's massaging of the chicken. But could you just imagine after all that time and effort it took our ancestors to bake that bread how people must have appreciated and savored every bite?

Now, I am not saying that we should necessarily shun our modern-day conveniences in favor of hard labor. But it might help us all feel a bit more grounded and present if we infuse a bit more mindful effort into what we do, and appreciate and savor what we have before us. Simple, honest, natural, authentic....these are words we need to include more of into our daily vocabulary. And a bit more question asking could help us not only avoid costly health mistakes, but also help society as a whole build more integrity into how it functions.

So think about it now. How can you simplify something in your life in a way that will infuse more presence, mindfulness, enjoyment, and quality into your life? How can you slow things down a little so that you can savor more of your life's experiences.

*Nicholyn Farms, Phelpston, Ontario.

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