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  • Dora Nudelman

Self-Sabotage: The Cause of All Your Problems

When life seems to throw us a hard hand, whether in business, health, love, or any area of our lives, could it be possible that the only real cause for this is our own limiting beliefs? I know this might sound harsh at first, but stay with me here, I have a theory.

What if all the hardships and suffering that we experience in life could be eliminated simply with the flick of a mental switch? How miraculous would it be if our lives were filled only with joy, passion, and freedom to do whatever we loved without limits? This might sound like a fairy tale but what if it were actually true?

I think about all the suffering in the world, from the minor inconveniences people experience to the grand devastation, and I wonder, what is the purpose of all of this? Then I wonder if we, as a species, might actually be playing a larger role than we think. How many times do we just accept our fate without doing anything about it? How many times do we concede to beliefs that are not even our own? And how many times do we follow other people's rules and standards without ever questioning their validity?

What if we are all a lot more powerful than we realize? As such, I cannot help but wonder what would happen if we (individually and collectively) banished our limiting beliefs in favor of adopting an "anything is possible" mentality. So here's my suggestion: Let's experiment with this theory in our own lives. Let's take one belief that has held us back and flip it on its ear. Just for humor-sake, let's stop feeding into what we have always done before and instead take on a belief that we want to have (but have doubted all of our lives).

Do you believe that you are not good enough? Change that to believing that you are, and then choose to carry yourself in that light no matter what. Believe you are unlovable? Change that to trusting that you are a magnet for love in all areas of your life. Believe that you can't achieve your dreams? Believe that you can, and then do anything you know to do to align yourself with that vision. Moreover, do you believe that you are unwell, untreatable, or chronic? Cancel that and replace it with trusting that every cell of your body is cooperating with your intention and is organizing itself right now to manifest the results you seek.

Try this out and see what happens. The worst that will happen is nothing. But could you imagine if this does work? That would be revolutionary indeed, and you would go down in history as a pioneer of conscious manifestation and ultimate self-empowerment, not to mention living a life in complete fulfillment of your greatest potential.

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