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  • Dora Nudelman

Money CAN Buy You Happiness

Yes, you read that correctly. It's probably not what you would expect to hear from self-help literature, but it is the truth (sometimes).

Allow me to clarify. So, no, if you are insecure, resentful, bitter, unappreciative, etc., money won't ultimately change that. It might mask a thing or two but it won't take too long before you are unhappy all over again. Money doesn't fix those types of issues. Only you can.

If you have egoic motives around money, hoping it will elevate your image or sense of self-worth, money won't ultimately help you with that either. That's because all of that is false and superficial and your true worth cannot be bought.

However, let's be honest. Money does makes some things much easier. For instance, if you have authentic motives and are generally happy in your life but financial issues are causing you stress then, yeah‎, more money can help fix that. Or if you have big dreams and ambitions, often money can help with achieving those too. But still, we need to remember that money is just a form of energy and a means to an end, so we must treat it as a resource rather than defining ourselves by how much of it we have. Then we will be able to manifest it from a position of true power and mindfulness rather than being a slave to our "net worth" or material possessions.

So the next time you hear that money can't buy happiness, remember why. Then remember in what ways that it can, and release your guilt for wanting to pursue it‎. You deserve to have the financial freedom you crave. Just make sure your intentions are representative of your inner worth rather than any false idols.

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