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  • Dora Nudelman

Seeing the Bigger Picture

I was enjoying some time on a rooftop terrace the other day, looking over beautiful Georgian Bay, and as I looked off into the distance I started really appreciating the bird's eye view that was before me. Then I started many of us miss out on the bigger picture by having too narrow of a focus on what we want to achieve in life?

There are so many unseen or undiscovered elements that we are not always aware of in the moment (and that we cannot yet see from our current vantage point), so it seems like a waste of time when we try to figure out all the puzzle pieces before they are ready to reveal themselves in our lives. But if we don't have all of the information in front of us, how, then, can we make plans for the future?

Well, no matter what plans we make we must also enact an element of trust in the bigger picture, trusting that what we will manifest will be even more beautiful than we had ever imagined. Since we cannot accurately predict every single step to our manifested results, we need to let go somewhat to the bigger picture and trust that as we take each step, the next one will arrive to connect the dots and show us exactly where we want to go, as well as how to get there.

Most of all, we need to focus more on the present moment and infuse the exact energy we want to manifest into where we stand today. That way we will be able to appreciate what is before us, plan for what's to come, yet also let go and allow life to show us the way.

*Living Water Resort & Spa, Collingwood, Ontario

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