• Dora Nudelman

The Importance of Surrender

There are infinite possibilities for the ways our desires can manifest. However, while we can certainly imagine our preferred scenarios, we cannot even fathom all of the intricacies the universe has to offer with respect to how it can deliver us our dreams.

In fact, sometimes if we are too attached or forceful with "trying" to manifest in a certain way we may end up thwarting, delaying, or even sabotaging our efforts to manifest the true fulfillment we seek. That's because when we are fixated on only one "certain way," we completely close ourselves off from the signs and signals we are receiving to manifest what we truly love.

Consequently, instead of holding ourselves hostage to limited thinking, perhaps it is better to activate an element of surrender in our manifesting process, thus allowing ourselves to be pleasantly surprised by the outward miracles that can ensue....often in ways we had never previously imagined.

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