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  • Dora Nudelman

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend?

We live in a society where luxury goods are coveted, but the question is, are they being coveted for the wrong reasons? Why do we like luxury items so much? What is it about diamonds, cars, yachts, and the like, that draws so much envy, attention, and misery to those who do not have them?

What we need to understand is that luxury items, like everything else, are neutral until they are assigned meaning. But each of us attaches that meaning for ourselves, even if society backs us up. What we need to remember, then, is that whatever we desire, it alone will not provide us with the ultimate satisfaction we seek unless we realize that we are not slaves to our possessions but, rather, masters of our own emotions and destiny. If we are to find true happiness we need to stop attaching false meaning to the material items and luxurious experiences we dream about having and instead realize that these are simply accessories to our inner fulfillment and expressions of our ultimate passions.

We also need to acknowledge the true reasons behind why we desire anything in our lives so that we do not get caught up in the ego’s game. If we are seeking approval from others, if we are wanting to make others jealous to feel artificially superior, if we are attaching our self-worth to our net-worth, then no matter how many luxurious items and experiences we attain in life, we will never truly feel at peace. However, when we find a deeper meaning behind what we desire to have, then when we get it, it will present so much more value to us in our lives. If we acknowledge the energetic input we are receiving, which demonstrates our authentic beliefs and innate worthiness, then anything we manifest will be an expression of our joy rather than what we ultimately use to define our happiness and self-worth.

So what do you want and why do you want it? Ask yourself this and you will instantly know if your motives will bring you the actual fulfillment you seek. The ego can never truly be satiated. But your soul will soar with jubilation when you find the true meaning behind your desires, and feel real appreciation for everything that comes into your life.

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