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  • Dora Nudelman

Taking Example from Children

If you watch children playing you will often notice their sense of wonderment, lack of inhibition, unconditional sharing, unbridled candidness, unlimited confidence, and joyful inclusion that causes these children to feel free to express themselves at whim. But what happens along the way as we grow up that causes us in some ways to lose these innate qualities?

Sure, life happens, responsibilities happen, pressure to succeed happens….but perhaps we can learn from children, and our own inner child, about how to be even just a little bit more playful in life and stop taking everything so seriously.

Children have no guilt for indulging and engaging in whatever they love and enjoy but as we grow up we suddenly start punishing ourselves for having desire and wanting to enjoy ourselves. So what happened to that sense of wonder and entitlement we used to have to enjoy our lives?

While as adults we may have certain obligations to live up to, we cannot forget our right to mindfully indulge in the pleasures of life. We cannot forget to laugh, love freely, and be honest with ourselves and others. And so, as adults we might "know better" than we did when we were kids, but we need not lose that sense of freedom of expression we used to have, for that is what moves us on our deepest level and why we do everything that we do.

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