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  • Dora Nudelman

Creating Energy Art

What is energy art? Well, energy art is basically an artistic expression using a channeled form of energy to create something spontaneous that comes from a deeper part of you than your conscious mind can comprehend.

I stumbled upon this technique when I was painting one day (I sometimes paint for relaxation). I had just placed a blank canvas on my easel and felt motivated to paint with a deep blue color. Then I just started to paint randomly, without any idea of what I was trying to create. Moments later I stepped back and noticed these figures appear. I instantly knew I needed to stop. It was finished. And now I have that painting hanging on one of my walls in my office to remind me of the wonders that can come of a spontaneous and surrendering mind.

I believe everything in made of energy and that all creation comes from an unlimited resource of inspiration. But when we set the intention to actually release our agendas and allow the universe to speak through us, it is amazing how creative we can truly be and what we can find out about ourselves and our own abilities.

After that initial experience I started to intend to infuse specific types of energy into my art so that when it was admired, people would get a certain sensation, perhaps even on a subconscious level, that would cause them to feel uplifted. The following are just a few more examples. Why not try this technique yourself and see what comes of it. You can do it through painting, but also through drawing and writing too. Let your conscious mind relax and allow your higher-self to show you the way. You might just surprise yourself.

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