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  • Dora Nudelman

Getting into the Vibe of Indulgence

The notion of indulgence often gets a bad rap. Unfortunately, to many, the concept of indulging is synonymous with being out of touch with reality and spoiled. But why is that? Why have we decided that to indulge means to be irresponsible and hedonistic?

Our society today, especially in North America, breeds the idea that we must work hard in order to earn the right to play hard. But how much hard work does it truly take to qualify for reward? And why do we assume that we have to punish ourselves first in order to merit the privilege of enjoying our lives?

There are certainly extremes in both directions. For instance, workaholism is just as detrimental to our spirit as getting caught up in too many vices (trust me, as a workaholic, I know). So perhaps we need to seek out a happy medium where we can mindfully indulge in what we love without feeling guilty for it, and where we can still do what we need to do, yet also give ourselves permission to enjoy without feeling the need to justify it through sacrifice.

Furthermore, some might have the impression that in order to indulge it takes a lot of money. Of course money makes it easier, but that does not mean that those who have less cannot get into the vibration of doing what they love too. You may not be able to afford that mega yacht you’ve always dreamed of (yet), but you can attend boat shows, browse through yachting magazines, and use your imagination to get into the feelings of having what you desire right now. There are endless ways any of us can get into the vibe of what we want to be, do, or have; it’s simply a matter of being open and creative.

So what can you do right now to get into the vibration of what you would love to experience in your life? What small step can you take today to indulge in your dreams, passions, and desires, without necessarily breaking the bank? Mindfully indulge and you will find that when you open your mind to possibilities and say YES to your desires, life will miraculously show you the way to the true fulfillment you seek.

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