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  • Dora Nudelman

Off the Beaten Path

Sometimes we are so involved in our day-to-day that we forget to take a time-out to simply enjoy ourselves. And we get so wrapped up in our daily routines that we forget to search outside the box for the experiences that will make us feel the happiest.

When we feel like we are in a rut or running around in circles doing the same old thing, that's the perfect time to choose to take ourselves out of that mundane cycle and into the world of new experience and exploration.

When travelling within Nova Scotia, with a little research and some effort to find the place, we "stumbled" upon a quaint hide-away garden and tea/preserve shop. In the middle of this labyrinth garden was a tiny little hut with just a few tables and the most indulgent rose ice cream dessert, using roses grown right from the garden. Everything was mindful at this place, from the table settings to the vintage china used to serve the palate-pleasing tea. It was simply gorgeous and the perfect time-out to take, even if it was just a time-out from being a tourist.

So the takeaway from this is, whether we are in our own city or out exploring someplace new, we can always choose to take the time to try something new and to mindfully indulge in what makes us happy so that we can find a new perspective from which to approach our day-to-day lives. We should never settle for mediocrity. We need to be resourceful, open, and mindful to the kinds of experiences we want to have, and then do our research in order to manifest those types of experiences into our lives. After all, the search is often part of the fun.

Mindfully indulging in something new can not only help us get out of a rut but it can also help us find the solutions we seek and the inspiration we need to continue expanding our consciousness and our experiences in our lives. So whether you are looking to explore a new destination or you are simply seeking a small refuge from your day-to-day responsibilities, walking off the beaten path sometimes can take you to new heights and new revelations that will bring you to experience the peace, joy, and personal fulfillment you crave.

*Tangled Garden, Nova Scotia

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