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  • Dora Nudelman

Can Anxiety Actually Be A Gift?

Those of us who have ever experienced anxiety would probably be the first to say that it feels like the farthest thing from a gift. However, anxiety, if perceived properly, can actually be a great teacher.

The first thing anxiety shows us is that there is a disconnect somewhere within our thoughts, emotions, and/or actions that have culminated to create this climax of stress. Usually anxiety, although it may sometimes appear as coming from out of nowhere, is actually an end result of likely many years of brushing issues, negative thoughts, and unpleasant feelings under the rug, or ignoring our inner most desires and needs. Now while it's better to deal with such issues as they arise so that anxiety can be lessened or prevented, unfortunately many of us do not realize how we feel or what we are constantly thinking about until those thoughts and feelings create mental and emotional unrest. So, if we are already experiencing high levels of anxiety, this is a great indicator for us that it's time to look deeper within. In this way anxiety can be a gift as it brings to our attention what we need to focus on the most.

Another way anxiety can be a gift is that is makes us highly attuned to our surroundings. "So what's so great about that?" you might ask. Well, when you are attuned to your surroundings you are more aware of what you do and do not want to experience, which brings laser focus to your desires. When you know what you want you also know what to truly ask for, which is a great gift to have, especially given that we live in such a fast-paced world. Also, by being more aware of your surroundings you are better able to assess the needs of any situation, whether they are your needs or the needs of someone else. It makes you a conscious observer and someone who is capable of providing people with what they need. In the rush of society today too many people are focused on getting somewhere else. But your anxious state in a way forces you to be very present with "what is," which causes you to be more grounded.

There are many ways you can perceive your anxiety as a gift. Here are just a few more:

  • It heightens your awareness and makes you a keen observer.

  • It shows you what you might need to change.

  • It helps you detect dishonesty and ulterior motives in others.

  • It prompts you to be present and fully engaged in the moment.

  • It asks you to listen to yourself and trust your intuition.

  • It helps you identify red flags so that you can save yourself from unwanted situations.

  • It creates an opportunity to engage in proactive communication and resolution.

  • It shows you that you are an energetic being, which then demonstrates the power you have within you that can be directed in any way that you choose.

  • It is a strong motivator that propels you into action and making positive changes as needed.

  • It can inspire you to reflect and learn new things about yourself and others.

  • It creates desire and helps you set focus and intentions for what you want (sometimes by objectively noticing what you don't want).

  • It shows you the truth about other people and helps you read between the lines.

  • It helps you understand and help others in a non-judgmental and meaningful way.

  • It prompts you to pay attention and gives you a clue to take notice of something important.

  • It shows you your potential for using your inner power to create amazing experiences in your life.

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