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Quiet Confidence

Is quiet confidence a thing of the past? By looking at the values of our society today you would think that it is. Look at social media, for instance, with all the focus on being liked and poked and approved of. Has the age of shameless self-promotion edged out those with genuine humility? And if so, does that mean that humility is now a bad word?

I'd like to think that true confidence needs no validation. I'd like to think that knowing your worth is enough. And I would like to believe that being arrogant is not a necessary ingredient for achieving success. Is it possible, then, to know your value and confidently relay that value to others without seeking their approval?

I actually believe that boasting is a mask people wear when they are in fact unsure of themselves. It is almost as though they are trying to convince themselves of their inherent value. Maybe they are afraid of being called out as frauds (whether that's true or not). And maybe they simply don't want to appear vulnerable. Even extreme narcissism I would say comes from a deep need to be loved.

In general, I think quiet confidence gets a bad rap. To some it might be misinterpreted as being shy, unassuming, and even humble to a fault. But quiet confidence is not about keeping one's mouth shut. Rather, it is about speaking one's truth, sharing knowledge, and informing others without requiring a response. The energy that a person puts out, I believe, is

something that cannot be faked. Quiet confidence to me, then, is the ability to know your worth and allow your energy to shine rather than trying to force yourself down someone's throat. It's an air of self-acceptance that surpasses all words in order to form a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of others.

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